How Very “Libertarian”: In Yet ANOTHER Reversal, Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Now Calling for Mandatory Vaccinations


Melissa DykesThe Daily Sheeple

Gary Johnson couldn’t be more of a sell out shill if he tried.

He’s already brought on running mate William Weld, anti-2nd Amendment, pro-TPP signatory on the CFR’s North American Union document and admitted lifelong pal of Hillary since the Watergate days (see video below).

Now Gary Johnson, who claims to be so “libertarian” (whatever that means to him at this point), has reversed positions and is pro mandatory vaccination:

“You know, since I’ve said that … I’ve come to find out that without mandatory vaccines, the vaccines that would in fact be issued would not be effective,” he said. “So … it’s dependent that you have mandatory vaccines so that every child is immune. Otherwise, not all children will be immune even though they receive a vaccine.”
Johnson said he believes vaccination policy should be handled at the local level.
“In my opinion, this is a local issue. If it ends up to be a federal issue, I would come down on the side of science and I would probably require that vaccine,” he said.

(Audio clip here if you want to hear his nasally, boring, NPR commentator-sounding voice actually say the words.)

“Science” huh? What’s next from our “libertarian” presidential candidate, man-made climate change and carbon taxes?

Everybody has a price. Wonder how much Gary Johnson’s check was for.

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Assange: New Hillary Info Could Swing Election “If it Catches Fire”

Wikileaks data dump could be a ‘game changer’

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet

According to Julian Assange, the next batch of information Wikileaks releases about Hillary Clinton could swing the election if it “catches fire”.

Asked by Fox News host Megyn Kelly if he thought the information in Wikileaks’ possession could be a “game-changer” in the U.S. election given that Hillary is currently ahead in the polls, Assange responded in the affirmative.

“I think it’s significant, you know, it depends on how it catches fire in the public and in the media,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Assange vowed that the information would be released before November 8 and that there was “thousands of pages of material” which would be released in staged batches.

“People have a right to understand who it is they’re electing,” said Assange, adding that the information comprised of “a variety of different types of documents, from different types of institutions that are associated with the election campaign, some quite unexpected angles that are quite interesting, some even entertaining.”

Assange may be referring to information about Hillary Clinton’s ill health, a topic which the campaign has been forced to respond to after our video went viral, attracting over 3.4 million views.

Wikileaks has already begun releasing emails from Hillary’s private server that suggest the presidential candidate was suffering from “decision fatigue” and sought information about a drug used to treat Parkinson’s and sleepiness.

Other leaks could come from the additional 14,900 emails in the possession of the FBI. On Tuesday, Wikileaks tweeted that it would be releasing some of this “bombshell” information.

As we documented in a previous video, Assange appears to be concerned over his safety given the importance of the information in Wikileaks’ possession. He has mentioned in previous interviews about how Hillary is kept constantly updated about his activities.

Earlier this week, UK police took two hours to respond to an intruder at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange is exiled despite there being a police station just two minutes walk away from the building.

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Video: Hillary Health Cover-Up IMPLODES

The Establishment is panicking

They’re panicking. They know something is seriously wrong with Hillary and that the pressure to have her health independently assessed is building.
If they’re not able to keep a lid on this by dismissing it as a conspiracy theory, it could torpedo her entire campaign.
Share this video and expose the cover-up:

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Twitter Opts Users Into New Censorship ‘Filter’: Here’s How To Disable It

Social media platform’s “Quality Filter” turned on for unsuspecting users

Twitter Opts Users into New Censorship 'Filter': Here's How to Disable It

Image Credits: Trekkyandy / Flickr

A new setting on Twitter designed to remove “offensive” content appears to have been enabled without the knowledge or consent of users.

Known as the “Quality Filter,” the feature aims to censor any tweet in a user’s notifications “that contain threats, offensive or abusive language, duplicate content, or are sent from suspicious accounts.”

Unbeknownst to many Twitter users, the feature, which has already been shown to censor legitimate content, was activated without any sort of approval requirement. Users who initially opted out of the feature last week also noted that it was re-enabled on Android after a Monday update to the Twitter application.

Several users of the social media site who were instructed on how to disable the feature by Infowars say they immediately noticed legitimate notifications return.

Those interested in disabling the filter can uncheck the “Quality Filter” option by clicking here while logged into Twitter.

Help others remove the filter by sharing this tweet and article.

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VIDEO: The Truth About Islamophobia

Criticizing a belief system is not racist

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet

Islamophobia is not a thing. Criticizing a belief system is not racist.
Manufactured fears about Islamophobia have been weaponized to characterize all criticism of Islam as racist.
But Islam is not a race. No belief system is above scrutiny, and especially one as provably intolerant and barbarous as Islam.
Please share this video!
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How Government Ruined American Sodas

The truth about high fructose corn syrup

How Government Ruined American Sodas

Image Credits: Alexander Kaiser

Max Raskin |

The tongue is a discerning instrument; in the hands of a traveled soda aficionado, it is capable of leading to insightful truths about politics.

To the drinker who has imbibed foreign sodas, this truth stems from the peculiar, yet incontrovertible fact that American soda is not so hot.

Though some blame this phenomenon on the use of aluminum cans over glass bottles, even the most elegant dress won’t make a homely girl comely. Instead, to the trained tongue, the answer is clear: American soda is sweetened with artificial-tasting high fructose corn syrup, while foreign sodas are made with natural cane sugar.

Why would the American public accept such a mediocre substitute?

Whenever the public doesn’t get what it wants and consumer demand is subservient to corporate interest, the most likely culprit is government policy. On the free market, consumers drive production, whereas under a system of protectionist corporatism, politicians and bureaucrats guide the market. With free competition, companies best able to satisfy consumer demand are the ones that expand production and stay in business; the consumer is king.

When a government guarantees profits to those large corporations with powerful lobbies, the market loses its natural regulating mechanism. Instead of weeding out the most inefficient companies, the state subverts the consumer and keeps these companies propped up with corporate welfare. This is particularly true with respect to the agricultural industry.

In the absence of tariffs, importation quotas, and subsidies, the natural tendency of the market would be to produce cheap sugar, which soda manufacturers would then import to sweeten their product. Domestic farmers are naturally opposed to this system because they cannot compete with more efficient foreign firms. So, instead of competing for the dollar votes of the millions of individuals who form the free market, these large corporations employ the power to lobby a select group of politicians to confer them with special privilege. When a businessman tries to secure his profits not through free competition, but through state privilege, he is not acting as a market entrepreneur, but rather as a political, rent-seeking one.

In this case, the political entrepreneur was Archer Daniels Midland, a company that lobbied Congress to pass draconian quotas on sugar importation. But why would ADM, a corn producer, want to artificially raise the price of foreign sugar? A basic lesson of economics is this: when the price of a good is raised, all other things being equal, people cut back on their consumption, and (depending on the elasticity of demand) they look for substitutes.

High fructose corn syrup, which is made from cornstarch (which ADM produces) is such a substitute.

Venal politicians gave ADM what it wanted when Congress passed the restrictions in 1982. So now, in addition to manipulating the country’s tariffs, the Office of the United States Trade Representative sets limits by country on the tonnage of sugar that can be imported annually.

John Barnes of the New Republic points out, “In 1979 the entire corn sweetener industry produced just 1.7 million metric tons. Since the imposition of the sugar quota, industry production has soared to 5.5 million metric tons, more than 80 percent of it accounted for by ADM.”

Furthermore, as James Bovard notes, “At least 43 percent of ADM’s annual profits are from products heavily subsidized or protected by the American government. Moreover, every $1 of profits earned by ADM’s corn sweetener operation costs consumers $10.”

While the public has been forced to suffer inferior product, large corporations reap the benefits. The ubiquitous use of high fructose corn syrup did not freely come about on the market, but was rather a product of the protectionist schemes of the federal government.

The story could end here, as it usually would, with the populace swindled because of the state, but thankfully it doesn’t. In spite of the morass of anti-market policies, companies like Jones Soda have sought to satisfy a consumer demand for potable, domestic soda.

In January of 2007, the company switched from high fructose corn syrup to cane sugar. Though it cost the company over $1 million to alter its machinery, CEO Peter van Stolk defended the new sweetening agent, “because it tastes better and they [consumers] feel better about it because it’s pure; it’s sugar. They know what it is.”

Though there has been a controversy over a link between high fructose corn syrup and obesity, van Stolk is a CEO who has little interest in babysitting his clients. Instead, his rationale for the switch was simple: he saw that his customers had been demanding a change in the product, so to make more money, he gave them what they wanted.

The company’s entire product is now made with natural cane sugar, and they have managed to limit the rise in price a modest 5 percent.

Jones Soda is the kind of company that would arise if the state would divorce itself from the economy. Unlike the mega-corporations Coke and Pepsi, Jones caters to the individualist spirit of America. Along with continually changing the photographs on its labels, Jones soda allows customers to individualize their own twelve packs with whatever picture or message they choose. Similarly, with over 64 flavors, including Caramel Cream and Lemon Drop Dead, Jones embodies the personal nature of free enterprise.

Under a system of tariffs, subsidies, and restrictions, we get companies like Coke and Pepsi producing collectivist drinks for the masses. There is nothing exciting about these products because there is nothing exciting about the system that produces them. Interventionism is restrictive; it confines the innovative human mind, while the laissez-faire economy unleashes it.

In the absence of sugar quotas, Jones wouldn’t have to suffer financially for its decision to give people what they want. It would be allowed to give us more flavors, like Bohemian Raspberry flavored with delicious cane sugar. But instead we are confined to brown, industrial strength soda. Ultimately, this is always the choice society must make.

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Video: WW3 Ramps Up In Time To Hijack The Election

US secretly evacuates nukes from Turkey

Three days ago, US Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee James told Sputnik regarding the 50-70 B61 tactical gravity nuclear bombs stored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey:

“We do have nuclear weapons and those nuclear weapons are safe and secure, and we are very confident in that.” Now Debka is reporting “…the United States has begun secretly evacuating the tactical nuclear weapons it had stockpiled at the southern Turkish air base of Incirlik and is transporting them to US bases in Romania.”

This reaction finally came after the worst foreign policy administration in U.S. history remained quiet as power was cut to the Incirlik Air Base and was put on lock down while hordes of Turkish protesters gathered outside the base over the purported CIA link to the the recent coup attempt. A link that winds its way back to Fethullah Gulen and his movement. The same Gulen who is protected by the Obama Administration and maintains a charter school empire in the United States that has angered labor unions while siphoning money from American taxpayers through the charter schools to fund his movement.

via: The Alex Jones Channel

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