Top 5 Misconceptions about Slots That Needs to be Broken Down

In some past recent years, the demand for online casinos has increased drastically. One of the main reasons behind this success is the love punters show toward slot games. But with the tie, many misconnections developed in the mind of punters.

Of course, most gamblers are smart enough to differentiate between myth and reality, but some beginners end up believing these myths. So, it becomes essential for everyone to know about the misconception present in online slots.

You Can’t Win a Jackpot if Someone Wins Recently

Slots are nothing more than winning money, but when we talk about the jackpot, people widely believe that winning bo slot gacor after someone hits the jackpot is next to impossible. This is because they think a machine has only limited money to pay.

But in reality, chances of winning do not depend on the previous result; it is completely random. If you are lucky, then you can even win two jackpots in a row. Moreover, a slot machine has the ability to pay two or more jackpots at the same time.

Slots Do Not Pay Anything

When someone loses money in slots, they start believing it’s impossible to win from slot machines. But it’s not like that; slot machines always show random numbers, and you will only win the game if you have a bit of good luck. In addition, you can try repeatedly playing to increase your winning chances. It’s not always possible to win a jackpot; sometimes, a player wins a small amount and free drinks.

Avoid Bonuses For Winning

Most casinos offer bonuses to their clients, and availing of them can be a great way of making extra cash. But on the other hand, some people think that they will not win the prize if they collect bonuses and rewards.

As the algorithm of the game is designed in a way that ensures a person should not earn more than the limit. But as we have discussed earlier, the results of slot machines are completely random. Therefore, many players win the jackpots ever after collecting all the rewards and bonuses.

The Bigger The Bets Bigger The Jackpot You Win

Most beginners think that if they make more bets, they will win a bigger jackpot. But it’s not the reality; you can even win the jackpot at the first spin if you are lucky. In addition, to maximize the winning chances, you can divide your bets into smaller amounts and play using different slots.

Pays More To Premium Members

If you want to make money from slots, you must stop believing this myth. Most players think that only premium members get a chance to win the lots. In reality, slot machines use random number generation, which is the same for everyone.


Anyone can earn their desired amount by playing slots, but you need to clear the myths immediately. Every player is equally crucial for casinos, and their algorithm is designed to make 100 percent fair decisions. So there is no chance of getting biased if playing at an online casino.

A Complete Guide On Using Cryptocurrency For Online Slot Gambling

Nowadays, several online gambling sites accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Gambling with cryptocurrencies offers a high-reward game, and it is also offering many more features.Cryptocurrency gambling offers much more security as in this method. As players don’t need to share their credit card details with online casinos.

In addition, crypto gambling is easily accessible from any part of the world.Another perk that crypto gambling offers is that it is much faster to withdraw money in this method. After withdrawal, your winnings will be directly credited to your wallet.

In these transactions, no third-party like banks are involved in tracking or slowing down your payments. Many people find it challenging to transfer from traditional currencies like dollars to Bitcoin. However, it is a pretty straightforward process.

Choosing an Online Casino

The first step to gambling is to choose an online casino offering deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrency. Next, you need to research the services offered by that online casino.You are advised to choose the casino offering a higher RTP (Return to Player) rate on all games.

On the other hand, a lower info rtp live hari ini means that the casino is offering fewer profits to players and themselves earning more profits. Moreover, to choose a reliable casino, you can consider other factors like customer support and device compatibility.

Creating A Crypto Wallet

Before buying your first cryptocurrency, you need to set up a crypto wall where you will store these cryptocurrencies. Like all the other wallets, your crypto wallet will be accessible to you only. You can choose from the different types of crypto wallets. Mainly there are two types of crypto wallets hot and cold.

In hot storage, an app will be connected to the internet to store your cryptocurrencies. However, in cold storage, your cryptocurrencies will be stored offline. Moreover, you will use your bitcoin to play slot games then you should store it in hot storage for convenience.

Buy Some Cryptocurrencies

After creating a crypto wallet, you must buy some cryptocurrencies to place your bets on slot machines. Several trusted websites sell cryptocurrencies on the web. You just need to sign up on these websites, and they will also reward you with a decent amount of sign-up bonus.After the sign-up process, you can quickly proceed with buying cryptocurrencies with your credit or debit card.

Move Your Cryptocurrencies to the wallet

Moving your cryptocurrencies into your crypto wallet is a very crucial step before playing slot games. Your cryptocurrency coins need to be sent from the exchange website to your hot storage wallet. These hot storage wallets are very much secure as they can’t be accessed by anyone.

These wallets are secured with a private key password. Also, from these wallets, you will transfer the cryptocurrencies to online casinos to play slot games. Moreover, if you withdraw your winnings from online gambling platforms, these winnings will also be credited to this hot storage online wallet.