TEPCO Withholds Critical New Fukushima Meltdown Data From Public

Last week another inspection was conducted inside unit 2 at Fukushima Daiichi. This new work looked inside the reactor pedestal area. The space is below the reactor vessel yet within the containment vessel. This is the third time in the last year’s time that TEPCO has conducted major investigative work inside the damaged reactors and has purposely hidden information from the public.
The condition of the damaged reactors, the location and condition of ALL of the fuel debris is owed to the public. The TEPCO exacerbated disaster has impacted the regional population, the environment both locally and globally and poses a long term risk to Japan and the wider world. This information is also withheld from wider academic research, hindering the full understanding of the disaster. TEPCO is morally obligated to be transparent and up front about the all of the findings at the damaged nuclear plant.

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6 comments on “TEPCO Withholds Critical New Fukushima Meltdown Data From Public
  1. pgraysurvival says:

    I get it, the situation is totally out of hand.
    So out of hand that there may be more trouble to come.
    After all why wouldn’t they share information.
    Or has the Japanese government gagged them?

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    • The Japanese government is complicit in the cover up.

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    • Shuhi says:

      I am a Japanese.

      Why they wouldn’t share information?
      Simple, the government have been saying that the situation of Fukushima is under control, which means Fukushima is a safe place.

      The government say only this words always.

      So that, civilians don’t have enough info and moreover they believe in the words from the government.

      In my opinion, Japanese government will never solve this situation.
      Because even there was an offer to solve the problem of Fukushima from Russia, our government denied it.

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      • pgraysurvival says:

        Hello Sir.
        Like governments all round they world, what they can’t sort out for themselves they just ignore. Keep safe my friend.


  2. Nearly 7 years later, what forces TEPCO to be honest? The have no shame, care less about saving face and there is nothing (Thanks again UN) to force their hand. Corporate and government thuggery gone wild!
    Another example of “whatever the cost”….And not to the public’s benefit….

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