Study: 43 Percent of Americans Say Supporting First Amendment is Racist

A study released Tuesday states 43 percent of Americans believe supporting someone’s right to make offensive statements is equivalent to holding those same views.

Released by the Cato Institute, the survey found a stark political and racial divide among Americans in regards to the First Amendment and free speech.

Unsurprisingly, Democrats and self-described liberals were most supportive of not only limiting speech but of using the government to enforce their views. Republicans also favored retaliating against free speech practices they felt were disrespectful.

The survey also found that conservatives are much more likely to censor their viewpoints due to the current political climate.

While 76 percent of “strong conservatives” felt the need to self-censor, only 30 percent of “strong liberals” felt the same.

Other findings included majority liberal support for using violence against anyone deemed a Nazi and large support among Republicans for revoking the citizenship of anyone who burns the American flag.

Comments regarding immigrants, the police and transgender people were also discussed. The vast majority of leftists also believe hate speech is an “act of violence.”

Read the full report here

Source: Study: 43 Percent of Americans Say Supporting First Amendment is Racist


"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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5 comments on “Study: 43 Percent of Americans Say Supporting First Amendment is Racist
  1. So I read this and thought “Sigh, it’s the UK all over again”. Why?
    Percentages are meaningless unless you know what the figures that derived them.
    For example, you and me.
    If I like Putin, you may disagree with me.
    Thus 50% of us don’t like Putin which sounds great, BUT 50% of us do and that’s not so good. Having said that, it all depends on what message you are trying to push.
    So what actually are these surveys about, what is their goal?
    Is it to whip up hatred for the constitution?
    Or a wake up call to patriots that it’s time to clean house.
    Either way all they do is stir things up and right now, it’s diverting attention from the important issues in life like WW3 and Trump’s incessant tweeting.


    • I think the goal of this survey shows how ignorant the American people have become to what our constitutional rights really mean.

      …it’s diverting attention from the important issues in life like WW3 and Trump’s incessant tweeting.

      Trump’s ‘incessant tweeting’ an important issue in life? Sounds like you’ve been watching American MSM news! That’s one of their favorite talking points against Trump…that he’s too busy tweeting while he should be running the country. The truth is that Trump quite masterfully uses Twitter to get out points and comments that would otherwise be ignored by the MSM.

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      • OK, I get that except the reaction in the replies to his more ’emotive’ tweets and spoken statements from foreign governments is equally as clear. Only a lot more reasoned and way more controlled.

        Trump may be the favorite of some and I had high hopes for him, but I’m having a hard job understanding why he seems intent on making new enemies, antagonizing superpowers and making stupid threats which could end in WW3.

        Trump is also facing off against seasoned world leaders. They having years of experience that he hasn’t got.

        And it shows.

        As for MSM?
        Who the hell in their right mind listens to their drivel, or even worse believes it?


        • While Trump is not perfect, he is perfect for America at this time and place. He is the first President in a generation to put America First, which makes him the favorite of MANY Americans. As far as making new enemies, antagonizing superpowers(there’s more than one?) and making stupid threats, that would be your opinion. Trump doesn’t give a shit about political correctness. And it shows.

          As far as Trump facing off against seasoned world leaders, they having years of experience that he hasn’t got… what first year world leader wouldn’t face the same challenges and lack of experience that he has?

          As for MSM?
          MILLIONS of Americans still listen and believe. I sure a bunch of Brits still do too.

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