Migrant Measles Outbreak: Blame Vax Opponents, Not Open Borders

Big Pharma uses open borders to sell questionable vaccines

Establishment press ignores that a measles outbreak is concentrated in a migrant community:

Source: Migrant Measles Outbreak: Blame Vax Opponents, Not Open Borders

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2 comments on “Migrant Measles Outbreak: Blame Vax Opponents, Not Open Borders
  1. Sounds like an adage from Mr. Spock:

    ” The needs of the many,
    Outweigh the needs of the few,
    Or the one. ”

    Now how Orwellian can THAT be, especially when taking into account how OUR personal right (and responsibility) of our own health decisions is being stripped away, all under the convenience of “public health and safety”?

    “Public safety” has been the favorite meme, and modus operandi, for tyrants throughout (“civilized”) human history! So, the revolutionary concept of telling the truth, becomes a crime by fiat. – AND, “vaccination” becomes no exception to the rule, as “mandated”.

    – Jim

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  2. futuret says:

    Comment deleted: Not relevant to post.


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