I don’t know how to stop homegrown terror attacks, says Department of Homeland Security chief John Kelly

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly made a candid admission to Face the Nation host John Dickerson on Sunday.

‘There are so many aspects to this terrorist thing,’ the new DHS chief noted. ‘Obviously, you got the homegrown terrorist. I don’t know how to stop that. I don’t know how to detect that.’

Dickerson was asking Kelly if the U.S. had learned any lessons from the recent Parisian terror attack on the Champs-Élysées, in which the shooter, 39-year-old Karim Cheurfi, was a French national with a criminal record. 

Cheurfi, who was killed, murdered a police officer before he was taken out.

 Kelly pointed to this recent bout of violence and said it was ‘homegrown.’

‘But, again, there are so many threats that come in from across the border,’ he noted. ‘And it’s essential absolutely to control one’s border,’ he urged, as his boss, President Trump, is trying to pressure Congress into allocating money for the Southern border wall this week.

Source: I don’t know how to stop homegrown terror attacks, says Department of Homeland Security chief John Kelly


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