US ‘drops largest ever non-nuclear bomb targeting ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan’

The US has dropped the ‘largest ever non-nuclear bomb’ targeting ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan – according to reports.
CNN reports the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb — nicknamed the “Mother of All Bombs” (MOAB) — was dropped in at 7 p.m. local time today.
The news organization quotes US military officials as saying the target was ISIS tunnels and extremists in the Achin district of Nangarhar province.
It is believed to be the first time the bomb has been used in the battlefield.

Source: US ‘drops largest ever non-nuclear bomb targeting ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan’

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5 comments on “US ‘drops largest ever non-nuclear bomb targeting ISIS tunnels in Afghanistan’
  1. futuret says:

    Comment deleted: Not relevant to post.


  2. Supposedly, more than a dozen of these things have been stockpiled since 2003. Good to see it finally saw its’ purpose…..
    It is possible this event could signify the beginning of the end….of this particular conflict? Did it only take 14 years to use something on the “shelf” to do that?
    Or, is it just my wishful thing?

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  3. futuret says:

    Comment deleted: Not relevant to post.


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