Fukushima cleaning robot pulled from reactor after camera gets damaged by massive radiation levels inside tsunami disaster

A cleaning robot at Fukushima nuclear power plant has had to be pulled out before completing its mission after its camera experienced glitches.

It’s believed the high-tech device was affected by high radiation as it examined the inside of the No. 2 reactor, one of three that suffered a meltdown in the combined 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings (TEPCO) said it sent a robot with a high-pressure water nozzle into the prime containment vessel, which houses the pressure vessel, but had to bring it back out today after the robot’s camera went dark.

During its mission the robot was set to remove deposits as thick as 2 cm, believed to be the melted remains of paint and cable coating, from along a 7-meter-long rail leading to an area beneath the pressure vessel, which holds the core.

Even though the camera was designed to withstand 1,000 sieverts of cumulative exposure, TEPCO said it believes it was affected by the high radiation.

Source: Fukushima cleaning robot pulled from reactor after camera gets damaged by massive radiation levels inside tsunami disaster site


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One comment on “Fukushima cleaning robot pulled from reactor after camera gets damaged by massive radiation levels inside tsunami disaster
  1. They need to entomb that place in thick lead. Perhaps they can get top Tepco and government officials to volunteer for the work. It is the LEAST they can do….

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