Hillary’s Lies during the Final Presidential Debate

Infowars reporter David Knight breaks down Hillary’s Big Lie on immigration and the border, her failed attempt to attack Trump on his past criticism of Ronald Reagan and her blatant lie about the Osama Bin Laden raid.

Hillary’s Big Immigration Lie at Final Presidential Debate
FAIL! Hillary Crashes & Burns During Trump Attack
Hillary’s False Flag at Final Debate

via: Infowars.com

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11 comments on “Hillary’s Lies during the Final Presidential Debate
  1. n3angus says:

    Facebook has blocked me from public comment posting of this , Hillary has already been bribed .

    The FBI cover up through Lawless Means shows this .

    What was the US Asset
    that was used as the bribed is the
    Question ?



    My name is H. A. Goodman and I’m an author, columnist, and
    journalist http://www.hagoodman.com

    Dear Clinton Campaign and Brian Fallon, Stop Accusing WikiLeaks of Working for

    Look at the Credits in this video , it is HUGE !!!!!

    If Hillary has already been bribed whatever was bribed is
    grounds for Impeachment as this article shows ;

    For months, I have
    been arguing that Hillary Clinton should be impeached.

    Read more at:


  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    What about that “95%”

    Hillary Clinton said at the debate last night that the Clinton Foundation gives 95% of it’s received donations to aid/charity


    According to the Sunlight Foundation which has labeled the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund only 5.7% of received donations goes to aid

    2013 Clinton Foundation tax return the Clinton Foundation took in $140 million only $9 million went to aid

    The rest of the millions of dollars went to lavish the Clinton’s lifestyle

    At the debate Hillary talked nuclear and in her blathering gave out top secret information on the USA’s nuclear response time of “4 minutes”

    And if I may just add

    The polls have Crooked Hillary 5+ points in the lead over Trump

    The pollsters used 30% more DemocRats than Republicans in that polling

    Hillary is actually sinking fast

    Just think Hillary needs a 30% jump just to get a measly 5 point lead

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    • She was just SPEWING wasn’t she? I couldn’t believe the bullshit that was flowing from her mouth last night. LIE after LIE after LIE.
      And then there’s the issue of the nuke info she shared…this is the person we want in charge of our nuclear arsenal? I don’t think so!
      Even with all the potential fraud and attempted vote rigging go on, it’s really looking like it will be a landslide. It’s hard to steal a landslide! The fraud in the polls stating that Hillary is way ahead is just a desperate attempt by her campaign to try and keep some Trump voters away from the polling places on election day, making them think that it’s already in the bag for Hillary. But it ain’t gonna work, Hillary!


      • hocuspocus13 says:

        Crooked Hillary had that light on her podium again

        There is a video floating around out there not sure if you saw and heard it

        Caught on Hillary’s hot mic during the debate is a whisper

        Someone else’s whisper like someone telling her what to say

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        • No, I haven’t seen it. But I did see a close-up photo of her after second debate and she appeared to be wearing an ear-piece. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was coached during all three debates!


  3. hocuspocus13 says:

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  4. Rifleman III says:

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