Trump: Hillary Preparing For Debate By Lying Down And Sleeping

Ahead of final debate, Trump again warns of ‘rigged’ system

Trump: Hillary Preparing For Debate By Lying Down And Sleeping

Steve Watson |

Ahead of the final presidential debate and amid a storm over the ongoing Wikileaks email releases, GOP nominee Donald Trump told a packed audience in Colorado Springs, Colo. that Hillary Clinton hasn’t been seen for a week because she is preparing for the last showdown by sleeping.

“You know what the debate prep is? It’s resting. It’s lying down, going to sleep,” Trump declared.

“She’s doing debate prep. She did so much debate prep,” Trump added.”asking the crowd “Did we beat her badly in that second debate?” to an ovation.

“Debate prep,” Trump mused sardonically. “Sort of funny. She’s been doing this for 30 years. Now she has to do debate prep for five days.”

Clinton has regularly taken off up to a week at a time in between debates and rallies, while Trump’s schedule has been flat out.

Hillary hasn’t been seen for several days now, as the revelations from the Podesta emails continue to emerge, and the corporate media dodges any in depth coverage.

During his speech, Trump once again spoke of the “rigged system” involving the press.

“We have stories that we think are going to be unbelievable; they make them as bad as possible. We have stories on the other side that would normally dismantle a campaign, and they don’t even report them,” Trump said.

Trump called the media “most dishonest people” and urged “we have only begun to fight.”

“I think the media is trying to discourage our people from going out to vote.” he added.

“They are liars, make up stories. Without the media and all the other corrupt entities that have helped her along the way, she would be nothing.” Trump exclaimed.

“Forget the press. Read the internet and study other things,” he urged supporters.

“The press has created a rigged system and poisoned the mind of so many of our voters. They have rigged it from the beginning by telling totally false stories, most recently about phony allegations where I have been under constant attack,” Trump noted.

In a further appearance on Mike Gallagher’s radio show, Trump suggested that the allegations of sexual misdemeanor against him were planted by the Clinton campaign.

“Those stories are nonexistent stories,” he said. “They don’t exist. The stories are made up. They’re totally fabricated.”

“They were made up for, I don’t know, fame, or Clinton got them to do it, or for whatever reason, you know, the women that came out,” he added.

“They have people from 20 years ago coming out and telling stories about me. Many of them have already been debunked. It’s really an incredible thing that something like that happened.” Trump concluded.

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One comment on “Trump: Hillary Preparing For Debate By Lying Down And Sleeping
  1. n3angus says:

    Draining the Swamp in the Media will take some effort with more exposure of the Bias , like this ….

    New York Times runs this story every hour , says ; “ The type of in-person voter fraud Mr. Trump is warning about is extremely rare; one study by a Loyola Law School professor found 31 known cases out of a billion votes cast in United States elections from 2000 to 2014 “.

    They are in full “Deflect the Topic” , mode !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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