Pro-Hillary Celebrity Get Out The Vote PSA Backfires Hilariously

“Thanks for the inspiration guys! I’m gonna go vote for Trump! That’s what you meant right? Cause that’s what I’m doing.”

Pro-Hillary Celebrity Get Out The Vote PSA Backfires Hilariously

Chris Menahan | Information Liberation

A new Hollywood celebrity propaganda video urging people to vote for Hillary Clinton is bombing miserably.  

Pro-Hillary Clinton movie director Steve Golin got a slew of celebrities from Leonardo DiCaprio to Julia Roberts to Kendall Jenner together to push young Americans to register to vote.

In the short three minute video, some 88 celebrities are seen whining about SJW nonsense, pushing for gun bans and saying “we’re all immigrants” while crying fake tears.

They ask the viewer “What issues do you care about?” and then direct them to “VoteYourFuture.US” where they can register to vote in the upcoming election.

Despite the star-studded cast, the video has been overwhelmingly downvoted:

The top comment on the video is a YouTuber thanking the left-wing celebs for their “inspiration” and saying he’s “gonna go vote for Trump!”

Bowie8338 writes: “Thanks for the inspiration guys! I’m gonna go vote for Trump! That’s what you meant right? Cause that’s what I’m doing.”

Here’s screenshots of some of the other hilarious comments, which I’d guess are probably going to be deleted soon:

The Vote Your Future channel also has some 88 individual videos of celebrities giving their own short reasons for voting, all of which are leftist, SJW whining (I couldn’t find a single video which was pro-Trump).

Here’s Bella Thorne saying she “can’t understand” why people need assault rifles:

…and here’s the top comment (please excuse the language, this is for science):

It appears the era of Hollywood dominating the minds of the public is coming to an end.

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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