October Surprise Via WikiLeaks Delayed, But Here’s A Huge Bombshell You Need To Know About

This new information, which one could argue is damning enough to be considered this election’s October surprise all on its own, came forth like it does in many of these instances via a whistleblower

October Surprise Via WikiLeaks Delayed, But Here’s A Huge Bombshell You Need To Know About


The October surprise by way of WikiLeaks has, to the disappointment and outrage of many Republicans and Donald Trump supporters, been put on hold for the time being.

However, a new bombshell of information has been uncovered by Infowars regarding Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, and it’s not something the former First Lady would want the American electorate knowing about.

This new information, which one could argue is damning enough to be considered this election’s October surprise all on its own, came forth like it does in many of these instances via a whistleblower, who claims he’s willing to put his life on the line if it means that Mrs. Clinton will not become the next President of the United States.

“There is far too much at stake for this great nation, America, for me to remain silent any longer,” says Dr. Kilari Anand Paul. “I know I’m risking my life going public with what I know—but God will hold me accountable if I know the truth and do not speak it for fear of Clinton.”

The information that is causing this man so much unrelenting anguish has to do with Hillary Clinton’s decision regarding the African nation of Libya while she served as Secretary of State under President Obama. Dr. Paul says that Clinton refused to sign a peace deal with Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi because of her own personal spite. She was mad at the Libyan president for not supporting her during her failed 2008 campaign against President Barack Obama.

Turns out Gaddafi was a fan of Obama, and Hillary didn’t like that one bit.

October surprise number one: Hillary Clinton’s decision to “get back” at Gaddafi resulted in miserable unrest in Libya, thousands of lives lost, and the surge of Islamic terrorism throughout the region.

In August of 2011, Dr. Paul, who also worked as a preacher, was in Libya with a group of Indian peacemakers. At this time, U.S. General Wesley Clark, also in the area, got word of Dr. Paul’s location and he decided to talk to the preacher about the possibility of him negotiating a peace deal with President Gaddafi, to which Dr. Paul agreed.

“Over the course of ten days, an agreement was reached between Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, President Muammar Gaddafi and the U.S. State Department in coordination with the Obama White House. The deal was overseen by General Clark as well as U.S. Rep Dennis Kucinich.”

Libyan Prime Minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi signed a letter, which included details of the agreement, and it was sent to President Obama. The official document made it known that Gaddafi planned to put an end to his dictatorial reign in the region whilst relieving any civilian turmoils under his watch. This meant that Libya would move toward a more positive, citizen-friendly democratic political system.

Dr. Paul also received a letter from the Deputy Foreign Minister of Libya, who expresses his gratitude to the preacher for his role in seeking worldwide peace.

What happens next is at the heart of this “October surprise,” and tragic in its outcome.

General Wesley Clark, who Dr. Paul says was elated with the result of the peace dealings, sought to contact Secretary Clinton by telephone to deliver the good news. Unfortunately, Hillary did not share in his joy.

Clinton did not go through with the agreement, saying “no” to a plan that would have saturated this Middle Eastern country in positive change and given its inhabitants a future to look forward to. If she would have supported the Libyan government in this deal, the Benghazi terror attack, which resulted in the death of four American soldiers, would have never happened, the migrant crisis most likely wouldn’t be as severe as it currently is, and all the drowning deaths associated with the crisis wouldn’t have such a high body count. ISIS may not have ended up as powerful as they are today.

Hillary Clinton could have prevented so much pain and misery if she was only able to look past her own desires.

Instead, the democratic presidential nominee went after Gaddafi for her own selfish reasons, proving that the wellbeing of others is not something she puts high on her list of priorities.

This October surprise isn’t about showing the world that Hillary Clinton is selfish, as that’s really no secret. It’s about showing the world the real Hillary and what she’s capable of. A set of emails that were leaked in January suggests that Clinton greatly exaggerated stories surrounding the Gaddafi regime in order to make it look like she was really the good guy in all of this.

In reality, who knows how many lies she told about the late Libyan president. Everyone knows she has a penchant for lying.

There are videos out there which show Gaddafi’s brutal death. If you really wish to witness it, Google will take you there with just a few typed words and a click.

Muammar Gaddafi was killed on October 20, 2011. It’s been reported that the Libyan dictator was tortured and sodomized before meeting his demise, and although some say he deserved it, and perhaps he did, it doesn’t bode well for Clinton with those who are passionate about human rights.

Hillary seemed to bask in the aftermath of Gaddafi’s death, as footage of her interview with a journalist records her saying, “We came, we saw, he died,” before joyfully clapping her hands and laughing.

Dr. Paul says that in the aftermath of Gaddafi’s death, several Middle Eastern governments threw large sums of money at the Clinton Foundation in an effort to deter the Secretary of State from doing to their country what she had done to Libya.

If these countries are terrified of a Clinton presidency, the people of the United States should be out of their minds with fear. It seems like they see Hillary as a lethal war criminal. Think about this. Is that really how you want the world to see the leader of the free world?

There is no doubt that the Clinton-friendly media, once or if they get word of this October surprise, will dig deep for any and all flaws of the whistleblower responsible. Dr. Paul has a few people that can vouch for his claims, but unfortunately, this makes their lives in danger as well. It’s crucial for Dr. Paul, Julian Assange and others to not underestimate the lengths to which Hillary Clinton will go to become the 45th president of the United States.

There are more October surprises to come. What do you think of this one? Do you think it’s significant or no big deal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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