Yes, Hillary Clinton Served on the Board of a Company Who Funds ISIS

Clinton will do anything for cash

Yes, Hillary Clinton Served on the Board of a Company Who Funds ISIS

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As the race for the White House heats up, WikiLeaks continues to unveil sensitive information showing ties between the Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, foreign governments, and corrupt companies.

In a recent tweet, WikiLeaks reported its unveiling of Clinton’s dubious ties to Lafarge, an American company owned by a French conglomerate that, between 2011 and 2013, paid taxes to the Islamic State (ISIS) in order to protect its cement factory 95 miles northeast of Aleppo, Syria. The arrangements were discovered by the French daily, Le Monde. The story became relevant once again after the Office of the Mayor of Paris recently struck a corporate partnership naming Lafarge as its main supplier.

Lafarge bought the cement plant in Syria in 2007, but in 2011, civil war broke out, forcing Lafarge to make the choice of paying the terrorist organization to continue production. The taxes were allegedly paid to ISIS middlemen and other rebel groups in Syria.

Another investigation carried out by Zaman al-Wasl, an independent news organization based in Syria, adds that Lafarge may have also bought oil from ISIS regularly.

On July 13, 2014, Zaman al-Wasl reported, Mamdooh al-Khalid, who served as the manager and sales manager of Lafarge Syria, “wrote to Bruno Pescheux, General Manager of Lafarge warning him about buying [f]uel from non-governmental company in areas out of the regime’s control.” If Bashar al-Assad’s regime discovered the deal, al-Khalid allegedly warned, the regime would not be pleased.

In a reply to al-Khalid, Pescheux “advised him to mention that Lafarge had done its best to get fuel from the government, and wondered about the previous requests for fuel from Homs refinery” before illegally buying fuel from ISIS in case the regime were to find out about the dealings.

According to The Canary, “Al-Wasl reported that the CEO of Lafarge Cement Syria, Frederic Jolibois, had personally instructed his firm to make payments to Isis.”

But the fact a private Western company has allegedly had dealings with ISIS is not the only worrying factor in this story.

According to an article from 2007 published by the Washington Post, Hillary Clinton was the Clinton family’s breadwinner in the early 1990s, when she was “earning more than $100,000 a year from her law firm salary and corporate board fees.” At the time, she served on Lafarge’s board, making about $31,000 a year from the company.

The report added that “[s]hortly before Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992, Lafarge was fined $1.8 million by the Environmental Protection Agency for pollution violations at its Alabama plant.” As soon as Clinton was elected, however, the administration “reduced that fine to less than $600,000.” Hillary left the board in 1992 after her husband won the Democratic nomination.

According to an investigative report published in the 1980s by the American Spectator and used as a source by The Canary, Hillary Clinton was already involved with the firm when Lafarge helped to facilitate the CIA’s support for Saddam Hussein’s secret weapons program. At the time, Clinton “did legal work for Lafarge … [providing] key services for the covert arms export network that supplied Saddam Hussein.” The Canary added that the investigative report unveiled how “the Justice Department was told to bury the investigation” to “prevent exposure of that secret supply line, and collateral damage to Hillary Clinton.”

During the 2013 annual meeting of the Clinton Foundation, Lafarge’s Executive Vice President for Operations, Eric Olson, was a “featured attendee.” In both 2015 and 2016, Lafarge was listed as a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

As Paris accepts a bid from Lafarge to provide sand for this summer’s Paris-Plages event, an international corporate watchdog known as SumOfUs is now urging Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to “immediately cut Paris’ partnership” with the company.

In a petition with nearly 40,000 SumOfUs member signatures, the group claims the partnership with Paris is “scandalous.” According to the SumOfUs campaign manager, Eoin Dubsky, this deal “should have never happened.”

By partnering with Lafarge for this summer’s Paris-Plages event, the City of Paris is whitewashing the company’s obscene show of corporate greed that profits off the war and violence created by terrorists,” the SumofUs announcement reads.

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19 comments on “Yes, Hillary Clinton Served on the Board of a Company Who Funds ISIS
  1. n3angus says:

    I believe that Fox News is behind the rigging of polls because they favor the Continued Profiteering of Hedge-funds and this drive stock market gains with the Endless WARS fueled by Big Government spending something that Hillary Clinton will continue perpetuating as her record of donor backed campaign and speaking activities show .

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  2. n3angus says:

    The polls show the desperation of the Globalists Media and Ruling class wanting to maintain their Grip on power over the Serfdom they have created for we the people !!!!!

    Here is the Real Polls

    This is a Great Report on the rigging of the polls by the “ Clinton Machine “ ,

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  3. n3angus says:

    This is the reason why we see a Ruling class pulling out all the stops for a Formations of a New World Order , and why we see No Justice for the Ruling class in any nations around the world as they are colluding for this goal in this Link ,

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  4. n3angus says:

    Clinton Campaigners Use Pokemon Go to Literally “Lure” Voters and Google helped Hillary Clinton try and Take Down Syria .

    This shows how the Multi-National Corporate world is going to continue to Perpetuate Endless Conflicts around the world and Hillary Clinton already has this activity active , and this is why the Uber Elite who make up the Hedge-fund Multi-National Corporate world want Hillary as President !!!

    Clinton Campaigners Use Pokemon Go to Literally “Lure” Voters

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  5. n3angus says:

    Gary Johnson: the Establishment’s Secret Weapon


  6. n3angus says:

    OPEN LETTER TO TEAM TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dear Mr. Trump , I saw Walid Phares on Fox Business Varney & Co this morning and I think he would be a Great adviser for your Administration !!

    This link shows that the Truth has the Radical Left up in arms , as their Create-a-Crisis to Destabilize the world and that bring on a New One World Government is being challenged by TEAM TRUMP !!!!

    Mr. Phares talked about this ISIS issue and from a Foreign Policy standpoint it can be said that Obama and Hillary and the Hedge-funds that access resources in the worlds locations of raw materials and durable goods created ISIS on Purpose and are Using them to stop the isolation of these resources by their nations prospective leaders .

    This would show that Hillary and Obama are puppets to a Very Dangerous Cronyism that’s Leading the USA and Europe into the abyss of a totalitarian world instead of nations united in the production and trade of each others products , goods and services , the policy of Peace !!!!!!

    This Map shows how ISIS / Iran is controlling Pipelines in the Middle east and can Choke off Europe from Fuels , a Failed Foreign Policy under Hillary and Obama .

    This Map Of Mr. Phares shows How ISIS is Now sweeping the world and is in the Philippines threatening China shipping routes , another sign of a failed Hillary Obama Foreign Policy , and threatening USA China Relations !!!!!

    Obama Hillary and the Hedge-Funds Greed for Controlling these areas of the world are Destabilizing the WORLD and are the Catullus for Endless wars Worldwide !!!!! Its reasonable to say that Hilary will be pushed by Hedgefunds to Perpetuate Wars around the world and more soldiers and civilians die 4 Hilarys donors profits listen to her @ 1:00 Petro Co in Sussman Hedgefund
    Hilarys donor Sussman hedge fund Petro Corp to make money from Iraq war
    Maybe it would be good to ask the Paper Money backed Hedge-fund Community if they think the ISIS Proxy Force is the Wise way to secure world Trade of Durable Goods and Resources , or would it be better to allow the Leaders of Nations negotiate with their societies supporting them the Trade of their goods and services with each other ?????
    Good Luck TEAM Trump the World is needing a Reset before its to late !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • n3angus says:

      The Evidence is Clear , Its time for the International Community and League of Nations need to file War Crime Charges against Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama !!!!!! The foreign policy of the current Administration is along with the Hedge fund investment community perpetuating conflicts to consolidate resources and generate wealth from it , and its displaying people in these areas and its time it stopped .

      Did the Obama Administration create ISIS to be a conflicting force spreading into areas of the world where resources and durable good are under threat of losing US dollar valuation and conflict gives way to US intervention to keep dollar valuation in place ? These Videos give some insight to the question , Pay Attention to the Pentagon Document released in this Video and consider it with all the other evidence presented in the post above ,
      I don’t care who is implicated in these Crimes against Humanity ,m this has to stop !!!!!!!!!!!

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