Chuck Norris Takes on ‘Chemtrails’

Martial arts legend accuses ‘sky criminals’ of waging secret war on public

Chuck Norris Takes on 'Chemtrails'

Actor and activist Chuck Norris called out the “sky criminals” in his latest op-ed examining several pieces of evidence showing a global geoengineering scheme may possibly already be underway.

In a shocking World Net Daily editorial, the Walker Texas Ranger star warned governments may already be covertly subjecting populations to weather modification experiments.

Highlighting a 2003 National Center for Biotechnology Information abstract which concluded that “aerosol immunization seems a promising method of vaccination,” Norris asserted he found it doubtful the US government has not already tested the method or others on US populations.

“Over the past 13 years since the study, does anyone think it’s possible that such mass vaccinations or immunizations have occurred by air in trial locations in the U.S.?” Norris asks. “How many plane-dropping chemical cocktails have already been sprayed around the world in the name of securing public health?”

“Whatever the intent or justification, and whether or not the purpose is for mass vaccinations or some other devious plot,” writes Norris, “if you don’t believe there’s some smoke-screening in the sky trails above you, I have a London Bridge to sell you in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.”

The martial arts legend, who claims he and his wife have witnessed geoengineering over their Texas ranch, goes on to suggest there may be a possible cover-up afoot after the nixing of a study last year proving harmful human side-effects related to geoengineering.

“Interestingly,” notes Norris, “on Sept. 2, 2015, just two weeks after it was published, Dr. [J. Marvin] Herndon’s entire 16-page scientific article was suddenly and completely retracted from the journal based upon only two chemical composition questions and an overarching explanation with no further explanation than this: “The language of the paper is often not sufficiently scientifically objective for a research article.”

Norris’ search for answers follows the deaths of major celebrities who had also decried the global chemtrail phenomenon, such as country music legend Merle Haggard.

Norris also referred to lyrics from the song “Dreamer” by late pop star Prince, who had also spoke out about “chemtrails” during a PBS appearance in 2009.

“…Prince, who just passed away this past week, sang in his song, ‘Dreamer’: ‘While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s getting’ deep, Think they’re spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep? From now on I’m staying’ awake, you can call me a dreamer too, wake up, wake up.’”

Check out Norris’ full editorial at

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10 comments on “Chuck Norris Takes on ‘Chemtrails’
  1. LadyRavenSDC says:

    So what if one had the capability to effect the weather? Follow the $$$$……….
    This – is – truly – EVIL!

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  2. LadyRavenSDC says:

    I’m going to add one more video as the above mentions Prince. A man in Seattle is tracking chemtrails in that area. He posted this two days ago:

    “Chemtrails Over Prince Memorial….Sad and Ironic”

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    • Judas Priest says:

      I don’t understand how one can verify that these are legitimate chem trails and not just a vapor trail following the jet engines?

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      • The link to the image didn’t work. It’s pretty easy to see the difference between a chemtrail and a jet contrail. Chemtrails will last for hours, while a contrail will usually fade away fairly quickly…in seconds compared to hours.


      • LadyRavenSDC says:

        Judas Priest – when you start watching regularly it is pretty easy to tell the difference. As MR said – they are pretty short lived. Comtrails “are a visible condensation of water droplets or ice crystals from the atmosphere, occurring in the wake of an aircraft,”

        Weekends there are no chemtrails in my area, just beautiful clear skies. What’s with that? Is it possible that if “they” sprayed on Saturday and Sunday there might be a whole lot more people aware of what is going on? Monday thru Friday there is obviously less concern, perhaps because those are work days and people are mostly inside?

        This is a Thursday in Phoenix about ten days ago. Mind blowing…..

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  3. LadyRavenSDC says:

    “may already be covertly subjecting populations to weather modification experiments”

    That and much more though “they” are less covert all the time. I am happy to see CN take on this subject – he has a large following. THANK YOU for this post.

    I hope you don’t mind but I am putting a bunch of links below which validate Mr. Norris’ concern.

    There are those focusing on what is happening in the atmosphere to our crops/land.
    There are others focusing on health issues.

    The skys over my head this morning look very much like videos below. It is horrifying.

    Jun 1958 – Popular Science magazine – “Weather As A Weapon”
    Aug 2015 – Rosalind Peterson – conference in California
    June 2014 – This is an hour long but it is basically all historical from when they started with the geoengineering crap to now. – The Geoengineering/Chemtrail Cover Up (NEW 2014 Documentary) –
    Jul 2013 – NASA admits chemtrails – Lithium in particular –
    Jul 2014 – Shasta County Air Quality Management Board Discussing GEOENGINEERING CHEMTRAILS R-7”
    Oct 2015 – Why is lithium being used in the chemical geoengineering program over Oregon? –
    Dec 2014 – (whistleblower) Chemtrail Pilot Speaks –
    Jan 2015 – (whistleblower) CHEMTRAILS Kristen Meghan USAF Air Force –
    Mar 2016 – “Best chemtrails of 2016” –
    April 2016 – Mystery sprayer over San Francisco –
    Feb 2016 – Nothing can convince me these are commercial jet liners/contrails. If they are then these six or eight pilots are going to be cited for drunk flying when they get back to ground.
    04/23/2016 Geoengineering, Weather Modification, Stratospheric Aerosols (Chemtrails) –

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    • Thanks for posting these links!


      • LadyRavenSDC says:

        Your welcome. They are very thorough and very scary knowing this *** has been going on a long time and obviously getting worse.
        Today my skies are clear – we have a good wind. Obviously “they” don’t know how to control the wind yet!
        I will add the Norris piece to my growing list – just trying to figure out what the hell to do with it all!
        Last night I found a video of Phoenix chemtrails – damn they are getting hit!

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        • Enjoy the clear skies today! We don’t get many chemtrail free days in my neck of the woods…


          • LadyRavenSDC says:

            The video below is five years old. It only addresses weather. How far we have come since 2011 is not really anybody’s guess – there is huge data of so-called “progress” that has been made. The commentator I guess could not bring himself to use the word “chem-trail.” It is a good video if deniers have the least bit of an open mind.

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