A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving that the crew never left earth orbit

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel (Sibrel.com) presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving that the crew never left earth orbit.

Never before in all of recorded aviation has a flying machine worked on its first attempt, much less the most complicated one ever imagined, landing on another heavenly body on its maiden voyage, and returning round-trip with a crew that lived to tell, all with 1960’s technology. (More computing power is found today in a $10 watch.)

video h/t to: UZA – people’s courts, forums & tribunals, Truth11.com

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6 comments on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon
  1. This remains a conflicted issue for me. Primarily due the Van Allen Belt issue. That reason alone makes the whole moon flight idea suspect. Don’t forget Apollo 8 went there first. And I rarely see any discussion about how that flight was “rigged”. Would it not have had to be?

    Neither spacecraft or spacesuit manufactures built any “special” protection for radiation into their item. That has been previously written about and I think there is a video in YouTube discussing it.

    Yet, both past and present moon satellites, along with amateur astronomer photography, indicate something is where the flights supposedly landed. How did that happen if no one went there? Did some sort of unmanned mission setup the trappings of a manned flight(s)?

    And, oh yeah, the laser reflector packages left on the moon (somehow) still indicate (academics and others regularly shoot lasers at them and get returns) something went there and left them…..

    Once again, the obfuscation of information makes for disbelief in what the government says…..

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    • The Van Allen Belt is at the top of my list too. Impassable then…and now. And all the talk about a mission to Mars these days. How about going to the moon first! It amazes me how many people can’t see the truth and actually get mad when presented with the facts about this obvious hoax.

      The simple fact that moon hasn’t been exploited to no end by the military and private corporations, definitively proves that man has never been there!

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  2. Judas Priest says:

    God, now I’m really depressed. My government lie to me about the first and second manned space missions. If they lied about this, we need to reexamine the history of everything for the last 100 years.

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