AWKWARD: Hillary Squirms When Asked If She’s Ever Lied Or Will Lie To Americans

“I’ve always tried to tell the truth”

AWKWARD: Hillary Squirms When Asked If She's Ever Lied Or Will Lie To Americans

“I’ve always tried to tell the truth”. Just another lie from Hillary.

Steve Watson |

In a remarkable exchange with CBS anchor Scott Pelley, Hillary Clinton refused to say that she has never or will never lie to the American people.

Pelley cited Jimmy Carter’s infamous declaration to voters in 1976 that “I will not lie to you” and asked Hillary “Have you always told the truth?”

Visibly squirming and wide eyed, Hillary claimed “I have always tried to” tell the truth, and added “I don’t believe I ever have” lied to the American people.

“Some might call that ‘wiggle room’” Pelley responded after an awkward silence.

Hillary critics noted that trying to tell the truth and believing one hasn’t lied are very different things to actually telling the truth and not lying.

@HotlineJosh The delay after her “always tried to” answer is hilarious.

— Michael Bogle (@gamecocklaw) February 19, 2016

@HotlineJosh believability at epic low

— Don N (@needham_don) February 19, 2016

Others suggested that the Benghazi hearings and a certain email server have already proven whether or not Hillary has and will lie to the American people.

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3 comments on “AWKWARD: Hillary Squirms When Asked If She’s Ever Lied Or Will Lie To Americans
  1. Judas Priest says:

    Bitch please! You’ve NEVER told the truth, period. Lied about Watergate, lied about your husband being serial rapist while in the oval orifice, lied about Benghazi, even lied about telling the truth.

    FUCK YOU and your hair husband Bill. I hope you all get tried for treason.

    LIES! LIES! LIES! You couldn’t tell the truth if a gun was put in your mouth.

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  2. What a LYING SACK OF SH*T!!!!!

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