Would You Stay at this Former Concentration Camp (Where Thousands Were Imprisoned and 130 Died) Turned Luxury Hotel?

No surprise Disney is behind proposed development

The Daily Sheeple

During the course of World War II, thousands of people were held against their will and 130 of them died at the infamous Campo Mamula, an island-turned-concentration camp off Montenegro.  The place was so infamous, a movie was made about it in 1959, plot: “Story of people in a camp, situated on a small island and ruled by Nazis.”

While being held captive by Nazis has to suck, it has to suck even more on a hard-to-escape island.

Well now that island-turned-concentration camp will be a concentration camp-turned-party hotel.

The Montenegro government has finalized plans to turn the former camp into a luxury “party ambiance” hotel, pissing off the relatives of people who were held captive and died there.

Here’s an artist’s rendering of what the site will look like when they’re done Disney Landing it up, complete with cheesy island techno muzak:

newmamulaHere’s a before shot:

mamulaWho wouldn’t want to pay hundreds of dollars a night to stay in a hotel where your room service comes with a Poltergeist-style Nazi concentration camp victim haunting?

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