Obama’s Gun Grab Crosses The Rubicon

This is only the beginning of the propaganda on parade

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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4 comments on “Obama’s Gun Grab Crosses The Rubicon
  1. What can possibly be wrong with making gun dealers at gun shows follow the same rules they must follow selling out of their own regular business locations ? Gun shows are a wide open armory for nut jobs and would be terrorists. Characterizing Barry O’s initiatives as a gun grab is not congruent with the facts. They are just an expansion or extension of the gun control laws already on the books passed by congress and state legislatures. Aren’t we all safer with background checks of buyers at any type of sales point ? I would also advocate fingerprinting. I had to be finger printed and checked out merely for my teaching job. Isn’t buying and owning lethal weapons worthy of this same simple scrutiny ? I would also ban all internet sales and private sales making all sales an “in person sale” from a registered dealer with buyer scrutiny. You kind of look at it differently when members of your family have survived five different drive-by shootings in which others were killed or wounded. None of these safe
    guards violate 2nd Amendment rights and republication suggestions that Barry O’s initiatives do violate such rights are scare tactics and not worthy of legitimate conversation. Also state militias are commanded by governors as is a state’s national guard which are all ultimately governed by the commander in chief, the president and he can certainly certify how and by whom they will be armed . Militias, so called, not under these auspices are mere vigilante groups and illegal as representing themselves as militias as such are not private entities under the law.


    • I’m just shaking my head reading your comments, Carl. It amazes me that, as a former history teacher, you seem to have forgotten that time after time, through-out history, gun registration has ultimately led to gun confiscation. Do I need to list how many times it’s happened, just to refresh your memory?? Just how many defenseless people were rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control?? 56 million at a bare minimum. Hatred + Government + Disarmed Civilians = Genocide

      How do you feel about someone wanting to sell ONE gun now being required to obtain an FFL before being able to do so? How’s that for living in a ‘free’ country. If we are willing to trade our individual liberties for security, we will end up with neither. It seems like you no longer believe that we deserve the basic freedoms this country was founded on and are willing to live under total state control. Is this really the type of country you want your grandchildren to grow up in?

      You said: “None of these safe guards violate 2nd Amendment rights and republication suggestions that Barry O’s initiatives do violate such rights are scare tactics and not worthy of legitimate conversation.” Excuse me…not worthy of legitimate conversation?? Are we already living in a dictatorship, where no one dare question the actions of The Grand Poobah?

      What are you going to do when they come after our 1st Amendment rights? Shut down your blog and zip your lip?? Probably so.


  2. I can’t listen to him anymore…..Starting with manipulating the Fort Hood incident and using it to try and justify gun control? The INSANITY of his point of view right there is inconceivable….Thankfully, he’s history and none too soon….

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    Have you had your daily dose of CRAZY?

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