Here’s Everything We Know About The San Bernardino Shooters (HINT: They’re Not Evangelicals)

Ben Shapiro

In their endless quest to step on every rake in human existence, the media today first posited that the San Bernardino shooting had something to do with Planned Parenthood (wrong); then they suggested that the real problem was lack of gun control in California, and that those Christians who prayed for the victims were the real problem (wrong). All that was left was an attempt to pin the whole thing on climate change.

But before the leftists in the press and the Obama administration could go that far, reality intervened – the police shot two of the three alleged perpetrators, and one was captured. For hours on social media, the name Syed Farook had been uttered; that name had apparently been stated over the police scanner far earlier in the day. Finally, this evening, the media confirmed that one of the shooters – the alleged initiator of the attack – was indeed Syed Farook.

Here’s what we know about him.

He Was An American Citizen. The media were quick to point this out, though they did not state whether he was born in the United States or naturalized here. He graduated in 2003 from La Sierra High School and studied finance at California State University Fullerton until 2013.

He Was A Religious Muslim. According to his father, he was “very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim.” A neighbor said, “He was quiet but always polite. Maybe two years ago he became more religious. He grew a beard and started to wear religious clothing. The long shirt that’s like a dress and the cap on his head.”

He Was Married With One Child. One of the other perpetrators was Farook’s presumed wife, Tashfeen Malik, 27. According to the LA Times, Malik is from Saudi Arabia. They left behind a six-month-old child, whom they dropped off with the child’s grandmother the morning of the attack.

Farook Recently Traveled to Saudi Arabia. The LA Times reports that Farook recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and returned to the U.S. with Malik, whom he had met online.

Farook Worked For The Government. He was a business taxes representative for the California State Board of Equalization. His father told The New York Daily News that his son “inspected restaurants and hotels for health violations, and was married with a child,” according to The Washington Times.

He and His Accomplices Were Well-Armed. Two AR-15 “style” rifles were found in the SUV in which Farook and the Malik were shot. They both wore tactical gear and had magazines of ammunition.

They Were Wearing GoPros and Left Booby Traps At Their Home. Not only had they been preparing for the attack for some time, they were reportedly wearing GoPro cameras to apparently film the slaughter. Police have also said they had booby trapped their home.  “There had to be some sort of planning that went into this,” San Bernardino police chief Jarrod Burguan told the media Burguan continued “I don’t think they just ran home, put on these types of tactical clothes, grabbed guns and came back on a spur of the moment.”

His Brother Is Also a Suspect. That is according to a report from NBC News.

Some Outlets Say He Might Have Been a Disgruntled Employee. The Los Angeles Times reported that Farook attended a San Bernardino County Department of Health holiday event at the Inland Regional Center, and that he got into a fight with someone before returning with two accomplices to shoot up the place.

UPDATE 9:00 PM PT: The Police are now denying LA Times reporter Rick Serrano’s report about “Tayeep Bin Ardogan,” a homonym for the Turkish leader; Serrano has deleted his tweet. Until further notice, Ardogan has not been linked to the attack.

UPDATE 9:20 PM PT: A neighbor of Farook’s now apparently says that she didn’t report his suspicious activity so as not to be accused of racial profiling:

UPDATE 9:30 PM PT: Fox News is reporting that Farook may not have been a “disgruntled employee” after all, but just at the party casing the room for the attack.

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4 comments on “Here’s Everything We Know About The San Bernardino Shooters (HINT: They’re Not Evangelicals)
  1. Adolfo says:

    I love your site. I blame Barak Hussein Obama. it’s time we got that darn nigger out of office!

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  2. Judas Priest says:

    OK, so this is going to be another excuse for the Diane Feinstein’s of the world to ban all ARs, AKs, I mean assault rifles. What’s next? A ban on all GoPro products since they will be used to record terrorist activity? Maybe a ban on all vehicles since they will be used for terrorist activity as well.

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  3. Interesting observation.
    Him not being an Evangelical I mean.

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