Shock Figures Show Women Now Cheat as Much as Men

The truth about how culture is teaching girls to be sluts

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet

Women are now just as likely to cheat on men and are MORE promiscuous in some cases.
Studies show that the glorification of cheating in movies and TV shows is one of the factors.
What has caused this rapid turnaround and how can we reverse it?

"Pursuing Truth, Defending Liberty"

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5 comments on “Shock Figures Show Women Now Cheat as Much as Men
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  2. Recycling bins tell the truth too. I used to rummage through the recycling bins and would find evidence of affairs by married faculty women. Ladies, don’t throw those cards from your lovers in the recycling without shredding them first. LOL.

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  3. Judas Priest says:

    American woman, stay away from me!

    American woman, mama let me be!

    Don’t be hanging around my door,

    I don’t wanna see your face no more!

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