SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY POST – 9-11, the Missing 28 Pages, Building 7 and More…

Please observe a moment of silence today for the 2,977 victims
Never Forgive, Never Forget

Never Forget September 11, 2001….the day Freedom in America died.

Special Feature:

“Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson”
Goes Deep on 28 Pages

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A new investigative news program, “Full Measure with Sharyll Attkisson,” has taken a detailed look at the still-simmering controversy over the classification of 28 pages from a 2002 9/11 report that are said to indicate that the hijackers received financial and logistical support from Saudi Arabia.

buttonThe report includes interviews with House Resolution 14 champion Stephen Lynch, former congressman Pete Hoekstra and 9/11 widow and activist Terry Strada.

Hoekstra, who chaired the House intelligence committee and supports the release of the pages, said the continued concealment of the 28 pages can largely be attributed to the White House’s desire to avoid having to cope with the resulting fall-out: “It’s a complication they’d rather not deal with. They’re just saying, ‘We’ve got enough problems…we’ve got to deal with ISIS, we’ve got to deal with Iran, we’ve got to deal with al Qaeda…’”

However, former senator Bob Graham has said the shielding of Saudi Arabia from the consequences of its funding of extremism has only encouraged the kingdom’s continuation of that behavior—and thus paved the way for the ascent of ISIS into the disruptive force it is today.

Rep. Stephen Lynch

Congressman Lynch described the level of detail found in the classified chapter of a 2002 congressional intelligence inquiry.

“It gave names of individuals and entities that I believe were complicit in the attacks on September 11. They were facilitators of those attacks. They are clearly identified…how people were financed, where they were housed, where the money was coming from, the conduits that were used and the connections between some of these individuals,” Lynch told Attkisson.

Asked why thought the pages are still secret, Lynch said, “I believe it’s to allow those individuals to escape accountability.”

Terry Strada is seeking that accountability. Her group, 9/11 Families & Survivors United for Justice Against Terrorism earlier this week sent letters to President Obama and James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence pressing for the material to be released.

The White House, sometime in the summer of 2014, tasked Clapper to lead an intelligence community review of the 28 pages for potential declassification. As 28Pages.org recently noted, the review has already taken twice as long as the entire joint inquiry that produced the 28 pages as part of a much larger report.

Noting the milestone, the group told Clapper, “It has been over a year since the request was made and we are both perplexed and troubled for the delay. Years before the formal request, in 2009 and again at the 10th anniversary in 2011, President Obama assured 9/11 family members steps would be taken to release the pages.”  Read the group’s letter to Obama and letter to Clapper

Get involved: Sign the White House petition today!

source: 28Pages.org

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7 Facts About Building 7

Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper and was part of the World Trade Center complex. Built in 1984, it would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states in the United States. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001. It was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers.

7 Facts about Building 7

1) If fire caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first ever fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise.

2) Building 7’s collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report.

3) According to a Zogby poll in 2006, 43% of Americans did not know about Building 7.

4) It took the Federal government seven years to conduct an investigation and issue a report for Building 7.

5) 1,340+ architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation that would include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives for the collapse of Building 7.

6) Numerous witnesses say the possibility of demolishing Building 7 was widely discussed by emergency personnel at the scene and advocated by the building’s owner.

7) Building 7 housed several intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and the NYC Office of Emergency Management’s Emergency Operations Center, more commonly known as “Giuliani’s Bunker”.

To me, the collapse of Building 7 appears to be consistent with a controlled building implosion. What do you think?
And What about WTC Buildings 3, 4, 5 and 6?

In addition to the Twin Towers and Building 7, the World Trade Center complex included buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6. Compared to Building 7, all of these buildings were severely damaged, first by falling rubble from the tower collapses, then by fires that burned for hours. Although these buildings were in critical condition, none of them collapsed.

Why were the buildings remains immediately recycled, before being analyzed?
Many questions still remain.

source: RememberBuilding7

More: Establishment Prepares 9/11 Official Story Onslaught

9-11 Truth Now

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Dr. Judy Wood - Evidence of Breakthrough Energy on 9/11

9/11 Firefighter Blows WTC 7 Cover-Up Wide Open

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