Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Robbery Suspect, 83 Rounds Hit Other Things

Massive gun battle breaks out during incident

Every day in America, innocent bystanders are are maimed or killed during a police pursuit. Since 1979, thousands of innocent bystanders have been killed and tens of thousands injured as a result of reckless police giving chase to suspects. 

The NYPD, in particular, is known for shooting innocent bystanders and then charging their target with the crime. 

Another insane example of police recklessly chasing a suspect, comes out of Brooklyn this week after the NYPD gave chase to a robbery suspect.

According to the Daily News,

A gun-toting Brooklyn bandit dodged more than 80 police bullets early Friday in a wild street shootout that began with a botched armed robbery and ended with his arrest, officials said.
Oft-apprehended Jerrol Harris, 27, was busted around 1:10 a.m. when a single bullet — out of 84 fired at him — pierced his calf to end a blocks-long police pursuit through Bushwick, cops said.
The running gun battle came to a head when Harris opened fire with a stolen .45-caliber pistol, discharging at least six shots at two cops using their parked patrol car to cut off his escape route.

Eighty-three bullets fired by police, in a single incident, went into something other than their intended target. Their recklessness is asinine in proportion.

Instead of protecting society by not shooting dozens bullets through city streets, six cops unleashed a fury of gunfire at this man.

Case after case we see innocent people killed by the poor marksmanship of the police. This careless treatment of innocent life to pursue a criminal is a telling sign of the American police state.

In authoritarian societies, the leadership and law enforcement apparatus holds the opposite view of Blackstone’s ratio.

Bismarck, for example, is believed to have stated that “it is better that ten innocent men suffer than one guilty man escape.” Pol Pot made similar remarks.

Wolfgang Schäuble referenced this principle while saying that it is not applicable to the context of preventing terrorist attacks.

Alexander Volokh cites an apparent questioning of the principle, with the tale of a Chinese professor who responds, “Better for whom?”

Former American Vice President Dick Cheney said that his support of American use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” against suspected terrorists was unchanged by the fact that 25% of CIA detainees subject to that treatment were later proven to be innocent, including one who died of hypothermia in CIA custody.

“I’m more concerned with bad guys who got out and released than I am with a few that in fact were innocent.” Asked whether the 25% margin was too high, Cheney responded, “I have no problem as long as we achieve our objective. . . . I’d do it again in a minute.”

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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19 comments on “Cops Fire 84 Rounds at Robbery Suspect, 83 Rounds Hit Other Things
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  4. And this is exactly the kind of attitude that ALL tyrants are keen to display.

    This also goes along with the (mis-)labeling of civilian casualties of war as: “collateral damage”.

    This world has gone overdrive into “sick, twisted, and surreal”. Human life really has been devalued by “society”!


    • This world has gone overdrive into “sick, twisted, and surreal”. Human life really has been devalued by “society”!

      That’s an understatement, Rev!


      • My bad.

        Perhaps I am losing the ability to really express the absolute gravity of all of it. This eventually wears on folks who have tried and miserably failed to convince people to start doing their own research, and come to their own conclusions.

        Just like the argument with a guy, a few days ago, who tried to sell the idea that having a gun in the home makes you more likely to die because of the greater likelihood of the intruder willing to shoot to kill you! – Absolute poppycock and the fact that the Department of Justice’s OWN CRIME INDEX STATISTICS prove exactly the opposite; regardless of what someone else’s half-baked, doctored-up “national database” would have us all believe. – There again, another convinced idiot among us!


        I guess I am failing in my life’s mission to “provoke thought” among the people? ? ?

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  5. Paladin Justice says:

    O/T: Worst case of dog starvation you’ll ever see:

    The poor fellow was rescued Sunday and is still alive and making progress.

    As to the shooting, these cops need to go to the firing range and not be allowed on the street until they can hit the target.

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  6. Wonder what Dick would say if he were being interrogated by the “enhanced” method?

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    • Paladin Justice says:

      After American Revolution 2.0, Dick will enjoy the thrill of an enhanced interrogation. Right after we’re done with Hillary in order to get at the truth of Benghazi.

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      • …in order to get at the truth of Benghazi.

        and her email server…and Whitewater…and Vince Foster…and The Clinton Foundation…and Sidney Blumenthal…and…

        Chances are Dick will experience the ‘big one’ before we’re done with Hillary!


    • We can only imagine what Dick might reveal. I have a feeling ‘enhanced’ methods wouldn’t be needed to make him spew.


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    Good policing?


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  9. Judas Priest says:

    Sounds to me those cops need to get some more firearms training. I know a local trainer here in the Upstate who qualifies police officers on the range regularly. He told me that in his experience, most policemen don’t train nearly enough as they should.

    Folks, carry around a pistol is not training nor is hitting a static target. You have to incorporate movement and stressors for it to be effective; as well as regular dry fire. To quote James Yeager, “you cannot purchase mastery — you have to earn it!”

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