Video: Remember This Every Day For Total Health and Happiness

‘Ground’ yourself daily

Video: Remember This Every Day For Total Health and Happiness

Image Credits: Claire Murphy / Flickr

Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society

It’s easy to get caught up in the stressful nature of your job, relationships, financial struggles, and virtually any other aspect of modern life. That’s why it’s essential to mentally ‘ground’ yourself on a daily basis by what I call ‘remembering your humanity.’

What do I mean by this? Well, as I detail in the video above, there’s a number of ways that we can kind of ‘ground’ ourselves by simply interacting with the world. One of the best ways is to be around nature. Researchers have already found that just living near trees can drastically enhance your quality of life. To break down how serious the effects of being near nature are on the body, here’s what the co-author of the study, Marc Berman had to say:

“…having 10 more trees in a city block, on average, improves health perception in ways comparable to an increase in annual personal income of $10,000 and moving to a neighborhood with $10,000 higher median income or being 7 years younger.”

Yes, you read that right. The extra green in your area has been linked up with an extra $10,000 annually and about 7 years shed off your age. Not so bad, huh?

But nature isn’t the only way to ‘mentally ground’ yourself. How about the realization of just how vast the universe is, and where we fit into it? Oftentimes, we can humble ourselves by remembering two things: how this planet we live on is vast and full of life, but also how relatively tiny it is!

Look at the chart below to visualize just how ‘small’ planet Earth is:


Now keep in mind, I’m not saying we’re insignificant. In fact, we all have the power to do amazing things. Even just spreading the word through sharing content on Facebook is making an impact in lives around the world. Instead, I’m helping you humble yourself and marvel at the unknown majesty of the universe.

I encourage you to watch my video above on these reminders, and to ‘ground’ yourself daily.

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  1. Paladin Justice says:

    Although my property had 30 big oak trees on the acre, I planted at least fifty more when I moved there. Most sadly did not survive the hot Texas summers and scorching drought, but while they lived, they added a lot to my peace of mind. Everyone with land should plant high quality trees and native shrubs to clean the air. It’s better than Obamacare for your health. LOL.

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