Congress Could Soon Ban GMO Labeling Under New Bill

We can’t let the ‘right to know’ slip away

Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society

Want some more proof that Monsanto and other biotech giants are deathly afraid of GMO labeling initiatives passing within the United States? A new bill introduced by Monsanto’s star representative, Mike Pompeo, could soon ban all mandatory GMO labeling in the US.

The worst part? It was just approved by the House Agriculture Committee, which means it’s one step closer to becoming a full-fledged law. The bill is formally known as H.R. 1599, or the ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2015.’

More precisely, it has been dubbed to be the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ on steroids.

And there’s a big reason for that. We’re talking about a bill that was drafted up by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), and pushed on us by all the usual suspects. All the ones who are afraid of you actually knowing what’s in your food. Because even if you don’t care about the genetic alteration of your food, you most certainly should be concerned as to whether or not it has been doused in Monsanto’s cancer-linked herbicides.

Banning GMO Labeling: A Desperate Attack

I wanted to bring this bill to your attention because it’s essential that we spread the word on the issue and stop this legislation. The time to act is now, before the GMO industry lobbyists shove a legal wrench into the fast-moving gears of the anti-Monsanto movement. It’s the perfect ‘brute force’ defense against a population whose mind has been made up in the GMO debate.

It has been made clear time and time again that over 90% of the US public is in full support of GMO labeling, and that scares a lot of processed food corporations.

I also believe it’s important to highlight this bill in order to show the true desperation of Monsanto defenders when it comes to their deceptive tactics. Instead of actually allowing consumers to know what they’re eating and make their own decisions, individuals like Mike Pompeo choose to strip away this ability through sneaky legislation.

As the Star Tribune details, highlighting this fact in full:

“The bill represents a major victory for the food and chemical industries, which fought and failed in court to stop mandatory GMO labeling. Individually and through trade associations, big Minnesota food companies such as Land O’Lakes, Cargill, Hormel and General Mills supported the bill that the agriculture committee approved.”

The GMO-loaded processed food industry is scared, and they know they’re losing the battle for the food supply. This new bill is yet another example of the tricks they will use to take away our ability to know what we’re putting in our mouths. I for one will take a stand against this resurrected ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ that could soon become a law (if we don’t do something about it by spreading the word).

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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  1. Yep,

    And our Idaho State legislators were pushing for a bill like this one to the federal level. We have some of the most incorrigible, corrupted slimes in office when it comes to “big food”, “big agra”, and so on!

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    Congress Could Soon Ban GMO Labeling Under New Bill

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