MEGA MASSIVE COVER UP: Retired FBI Agent Investigates Sandy Hook

Retired Navy Seal says Sandy Hook doesn’t add up

Infowars news director Rob Dew recounts a conversation with his uncle, a former FBI agent famous for investigating the mafia, who attended FOIA hearings regarding the various inconsistencies surrounding the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting.

Unbeknownst to Dew, his uncle attended the hearing between city and state authorities and school safety consultant Wolfgang Halbig, who has been investigating the case for over a year.

In an interview with Infowars Reporter Dan Bidondi following the hearing, Dew’s uncle described the proceedings as “very strange,” adding he’d “never seen anything like this before.”

WATCH: Infowars explores why people believe the Sandy Hook shooting to be a hoax.



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3 comments on “MEGA MASSIVE COVER UP: Retired FBI Agent Investigates Sandy Hook
  1. Roy Mcdade says:

    Would you expect Anything less ? It has been defrauding, lying to. and withholding from the American people for YEARS, Even before soetero…..

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  2. JT says:

    Look at the entrance of Sandy Hook Elementary. The Official story is “Adam Lanza blasted his way thru the plate glass entrance, using his Bushmaster AR15 rifle.”

    But that’s NOT what’s shown in Police Evidence Photos. Instead, we find damage from a Police Shotgun “Breaching Round,” with the telltale METAL POWDER embedded in the school foyer furniture.


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