“I Learned it From Watching You!” 5 Anti-Drug PSA’s that Failed Miserably at Trying to Scare Us

The “Reefer Madness” style commercials of the past

“I Learned it From Watching You!” 5 Anti-Drug PSA’s that Failed Miserably at Trying to Scare Us
Matt Agorist | Free Thought Project

If there is one aspect of the war on drugs in which we can find humor, it’s the PSA announcements warning kids to stay off “drugs.”

These ridiculous short commercials were blasted at kids during the 80’s and the 90’s. The laughable scare tactics and outright Reefer Madness employed in these commercials did very little to curtail the usage of recreational drugs.

The fact that marijuana was demonized on the same airwaves that glorify alcohol, speaks to the sheer ignorance of the state’s campaign. It is no secret that alcohol is magnitudes more deadly than recreational drugs.

In fact, multiple studies have shown that alcohol is more dangerous than even heroin and cocaine. Prescription drugs are also far more deadly than any of these “illegal” substances.

Where were the commercials warning kids not to drink Bud Light or not to pop OxyContin?

The answer the that question is simple, the Partnership for a Drug Free America is largely funded by the US Government and Pharmaceutical Companies. And no, this is not a conspiracy theory. You can read the donor list on their own newly rebranded website.  Or, you can look at the old donor list here.

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Our friends over at Reason Magazine have just released a video which compiled 5 of the most ludicrous and equally hilarious anti-drug announcements made by this insane group of sociopaths.

Reason Reports:

If you grew up watching TV in the ’80s and ’90s you were unlucky enough to be bombarded with preachy, hyperbolic, and often incorrect drug public service announcements (PSAs) during the commercial breaks of your favorite shows. Join us as we count down five of the most eye-roll worthy drug PSAs that tried to scare the sh*t out of us, but really didn’t.

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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One comment on ““I Learned it From Watching You!” 5 Anti-Drug PSA’s that Failed Miserably at Trying to Scare Us
  1. Judas Priest says:

    My friends and I are old enough to remember most of these, which reveals our ages.

    At any rate, the original one with eggs I always thought was hilarious — we used to joke about that one all the time school.

    Liked by 1 person

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