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Judge Andrew Napolitano commented on Water Boarding as unconstitutional, as it is torture; and that Drone Strikes are unconstitutional, as there is considerable collateral damage.

I agree with the judge but, at least Water Boarding usually doesn’t kill people; much less the innocent bystander.

The liberals are opposed to Water Boarding but, for them; drone strikes are moral and, legal. How come?

If we cannot morally or, legally use Water Boarding; what other options do we have? Milk and, cookies won’t work on a person or, group of people, who are “hell bent” on our destruction. They believe they hold the high moral ground sanctioned by Islam.

As incompressible as this is, it is the reality of the situation. YOU KNOW – The people we cannot even define.

So, what is the moral and legal solution?  I would like to hear from all of you.

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  1. “The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome”

    Fox News reacts to Senate torture report


  2. BC says:

    Some concurring thoughts about this topic: what makes us better than them if we use “torture” methods to extract information — however extreme or minute they may be?

    Think about this for a moment before answering: what if a police officer shoots a felon in the back with 9 hollow points, because he cannot keep up with him to make an arrest and charge him/her formally? What if the same police officer punches someone another individual in the face for absolutely no reason than out of frustration of dealing with the perpetrator? What if this police officer tazes an elderly woman to unconsciousness that he could have easily subdued by himself? Isn’t this immoral, evil, and unjust behavior — even criminal?

    As Americans, our standards must be higher than those we are fighting! We must have black and white ways of seeing things, with no grey areas, just a fine white line determining “right” from “wrong” — wouldn’t you agree?

    Let me ask you this, “What makes us any better than them anyway?”

    Answer: its in the way we treat them in response to how they treat us.

    We don’t have to sink down to their level, which is nothing more than vile criminal/terrorist behavior. We are Americans and that should stand for something moral and positive all the way around. Don’t you think?


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  3. BC says:

    American Patriot,

    I think we are missing the point entirely here: whether its water boarding, electrocution methodology, or whatever, its all morally and legally wrong, period. True, our Forefathers did not foresee Radical Fundamentalist Islam coming our way, but they did make provision to protect “we the people” from a radical and cruel government out of control. So why is our government torturing citizens and non-citizens alike? Why are we allowing it to go on?

    Look, anyway you argue it, any way you slice it, performing any torture methods on our enemies is wrong, evil, immoral, etc!

    However, I would argue that in an extreme case of avoiding MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) — avoiding full-out nuclear or biological warfare — it would seem advisable. But truly, how often does this ever really happen?

    Just my opinion, thanks!

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