Pacific Dead Zone

Pacific Dead Zone

image h/t to: David Dees Illustration

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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7 comments on “Pacific Dead Zone
  1. With all the radiation no surprise all kinds of thinks like this growing out there.


    • You made me think of the 3-eyed fish that lives by the nuclear plant on The Simpsons. Which led me to think that TEPCO has handled the situation at Fukushima much like Homer Simpson would handle a similiar situation in Springfield.


  2. Paladin Justice says:

    Since my laptop is having increasing difficulty connecting to an Internet connection, and may need to be replaced, I may have to rely on the radio for news for a while until I get a new machine. For the most part, radio and newspapers do not look ahead, but only get involved when there are dead bodies lying around. I suppose what’s going to happen is going to happen, but it would be better if all of us had some awareness of how to defend ourselves from an invisible killer and just how bad the situation is becoming. This is one of the few blogs getting the word out, and I’ve told my friends (the ones whose heads are not buried in the sand) that they ought to visit this website and stay up to date.


    • Thanks for the referrals! I appreciate it!

      Since your having laptop problems, let me refer you to ErrorEnd. I was about ready to go by a new machine a week or two ago. My computer would just lock up in the middle of doing something. I wasn’t even able to run System Restore in Safe Mode. I ran across this program when searching for an explanation of the Windows error code I was receiving. Somehow I managed to run the scan. It found something like 1,933 errors on my registry(Guess my old registry cleaner wasn’t working so well?). It cost $30 to purchase the program and get the errors fixed, but my computer is running better than it has it quite a while and I didn’t have to spend hundreds of $$ I don’t have. An option for you?


    • Paladin, consider buying an inexpensive wifi that goes in your USB port. Solved a problem I had with a recalcitrant Dell laptop and cost $8.00 from TigerDirect. I have a spare I can send you if need be….
      Network cards and wifi internals can often get murky. A USB wifi will circumvent those problems.

      Also,, to all:

      Many Windows computer problems are due to the poor coding of the operating system. Between its’ own poor self maintenance characteristics and the tendency of folks to run things until they stop.

      There are way to do your own self maintenance and I will share them with whoever is interested. I use “Bleachbit”, “CCleaner” and “Ausologics registry cleaner”. That is start and they are free.
      Also, “Defraggler” is a better defragmentation tool as well. Free as well.

      Also, try running sfc /scannow. Google that and you get great details on running it. And how to work with it. I’ll answer questions if you need them.

      Lastly, consider switching you computer to a Linux operating system, It replaces Windows and all its’ problems. It can give a computer new life if all that is wrong is the operating system (Windows) has become defective.
      No, it won’t fix hardware, but I have found that what appears to be a hardware problem in Windows, is often a software problem with Windows.

      And, you really don’t want to mess with Windows 8!!

      Hope this helps!! TB


  3. Good Morning MR!

    Quite a remarkable image….And says many times more than words can express……

    Have a good day…..TB


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