Surprise: Mainstream Media (FOX News) Admits GMOs Are a ‘Real Safety Issue’

Christina Sarich
Natural Society

The following may just be one of the most hard-hitting GMO (danger) reports ever aired by the mainstream media. Who would have ever thought Fox news would admit the dangers of GMOs? After all, the mainstream media (MSM) have all but done a complete shut-out concerning activist concerns and anti-GMO marches that have happened around the globe. It looks like the evidence was piling up to be far too incontrovertible, though, as Carol Alt (a super model who has been on over 700 magazine covers) and Max Goldberg of discussed the many studies that articulate the dangers of GMO crops.

If you are going to deliver bad news, it may as well come from a pretty face, right? At least Alt has a history for standing up for true alternative health methods, including raw milk, and the lessening of vaccine use.

Goldberg admits there are no long-term studies on human beings, but that lab tests involving animals are showing atrocious liver damage, kidney problems, and after just three generations of being fed a GMO diet, hamsters are basically sterile. The hosts of the show point out that the main problem is that GMOs are not labeled, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Even if labeling were to occur, it doesn’t change the fact that GMOs are spreading uncontrollably around the world, contaminating non-GM crops and wild plants.

And those in power are pushing GMOs hard – making it difficult to fight back. Bill Gates, for example, proudly supports GMOs and has even purchased half a million shares of Monsanto stock back in 2010, so his connection with GMO development is undeniable.

This is a small caveat that the MSM offers the public, a tiny admission of the larger problem with GMOs overall when there should be a sounding of alarms to a much larger degree as an admonition of the genetically modified world. And it goes beyond food. Paper and lumber companies already have plans to liter the forests with GMO trees, another sign big business is more concerned with their wallets than the health of the planet and its people.

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After Monsanto, and multiple large corporations spent millions to defeat a GMO labeling bill in Washington just weeks ago, perhaps they are finally getting the hint that GMO activists aren’t going to back down. If Fox News is delivering this message, it might be a sign that the GMO Goliath is stumbling on his shoe laces, and will finally be taken down.

“No long-term studies have ever been done on humans, but when you look at the studies that have been done on animals, it’s pretty appalling,” Goldberg said. “You’re talking about liver damage and kidney damage and when they fed it to hamsters, the third generation of hamsters weren’t able to produce babies, so there’s real safety issues.”

“The real big issue in our country Carol, is that genetically modified food’s are not labeled, so people do not know that they are eating genetically modified foods. Over 60 countries around the world require GMOs to be labeled but the US does not,” Goldberg added. “And why is that? According to the Food & Water Watch, the Ag-Bio tech industry, which owns all these GMOs, has spent $572 million on campaign contributions and lobbying to make sure that they don’t get labeled.”

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8 comments on “Surprise: Mainstream Media (FOX News) Admits GMOs Are a ‘Real Safety Issue’
  1. *checks watch* Wow! They’re only years behind on this one!

    GMOs are bad, mmmkay?


  2. Paladin Justice says:

    They’re called Frankenfoods in honor of the Frankenstein monster. My thought was the same as Thunderbolt’s, which is that the population reduction agenda is playing a role in this.


  3. Thanks MR!!

    I wonder if there could be a far MORE nefarious reason for their silence: Could it be that this is an effort to quietly neutralize and decrease the general population?

    Perhaps that sounds a bit extreme, but it would certainly make sense….

    Have a GREAT day!!


    • You hit the nail on the head, Thunderbolt. Genetic modification of the food supply is part of the agenda to socially engineer mankind, moving towards the globalist’s ultimate goal of trans-humanism.


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    Surprise: Mainstream Media (FOX News) Admits GMOs Are a ‘Real Safety Issue’


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