Cop Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy Armed With Plastic BB Gun Back on Duty

“This is very, very, very bad news”

Paul Joseph Watson

A Sonoma County sheriff’s deputy is back on duty just six weeks after he shot a 13-year-old boy seven times for carrying a plastic BB gun.

On October 22, Dep. Erick Gelhaus and a trainee responded to reports of a boy armed with an AK-47 walking along Moorland Avenue in southwest Santa Rosa. Gelhaus drove up behind Middle School student Andy Lopez in a patrol car and ordered him to stop.

When Lopez turned around with the ‘gun’ raised, Gelhaus opened fire, killing the boy after shooting him seven times.

The “AK-47″ turned out to be a plastic airsoft toy gun that fires plastic BB pellets.

The encounter took place in the middle of a bright day and the toy gun had a transparent plastic middle, leading critics to contend that Gelhaus should have been able to ascertain that the toy was not a real AK-47 before opening fire.

The fact that Gelhaus was also a department armorer has prompted charges that he should have been able to identify the toy gun as a replica.

Gelhaus is already back on administrative duty and may return to patrol duty once an investigation of the incident has been concluded.

“He will remain on the desk assignment until District Attorney Jill Ravitch reviews an investigative report and makes a finding about whether he committed criminal wrongdoing,” reports the Press Democrat.

Website heralded Gelhaus’ return in a Facebook post which announced, “We’re glad to have you back, officer!”

Gelhaus should be in jail on murder charges, not back on duty.

Whether or not you believe Gelhaus was justified in shooting the teen dead (seven times seems a little excessive), the fact that he is back on the job within weeks and before any kind of investigation has been concluded is patently ludicrous.

Some have also pointed to a 2008 article written by Gelhaus which was published by SWAT magazine in which Gelhaus expressed trigger-happy sentiments.

“Today is the day you may need to kill someone in order to go home. If you cannot turn on the `mean gene’ for yourself, who will?… Taking some kind of action — any kind of action — is critical,” he wrote.

Two months before the shooting, Gelhaus also pointed his gun at the head of terrified Santa Rosa resident Jeffrey Westbrook during what should have been a routine traffic stop.

“This is very, very, very bad news,” said Michael Rothenberg, a member of the Andy Lopez Organizing Group. “A large part of Sonoma County think of Gelhaus as a murderer. They think he’s dangerous. And we’ve seen through investigation that he’s had problems out on the street.”

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7 comments on “Cop Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy Armed With Plastic BB Gun Back on Duty
  1. Paladin Justice says:

    As a long-time believer in respect for law and law enforcement, I am saddened and disturbed at the increasing use of non-essential violence by the police. I note that the police are being militarized, even being given tank-like vehicles by the federal government. The police seem to be picking up the mindset that patriots and even the average American family are somehow the enemy. There are so many stories of the police shooting the family dog in front of the children, an intimidation tactic that is immoral and repulsive. In yesterday’s Drudge Report, there was a story of the police killing a pet parakeet!! To be frank about it, although I have a friend who is a deputy sheriff, I have lost respect for many of those in law enforcement.

    PS: Mountain Republic, I’ve been reading your website for a good while and I remember that under the old format, there were some beautiful dog pictures.


    • I’ve lost respect for many in law enforcement as well. Many have forgotten their oath to defend the Constitution, as well as the fact that they are hired by and paid by the citizens to “protect and serve” the citizenry, not treat every single person they encounter as a convicted criminal. Also forgotten by many, is the fact that they too are citizens, not members of a Praetorian Guard with special privilege over and above the common man.

      That was quite a while back when I was posting those dog pix!! Maybe I should try mixing it up a bit and throw in a few pix once in a while.

      Thanks for being a loyal reader. Check your Inbox for an email from Mountain Republic.


  2. A sad day for “good” cops…..


    • Seems like the “good” ones are few and far between these days.


      • I know a few and they recommend the least contact possible as a result of not knowing who you are dealing with…..That’s why here, due to the amount of people who are way ahead of me for scrutiny by law enforcement (that includes things that could be construed by some law enforcement as worthy of investigation), I run reduced risk. Not NO RISK, just reduced.
        After having lived in rural northern Vermont more than a decade ago, I learned some on how to comport myself around the “questionable”.

        So far, it works….


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