5 Men Rush to Save Dying Woman as Cop Chats on Phone

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Give the officer some credit, folks. He did have a gun in case someone’s dog was nearby. A police officer stood by, chatting on his cellphone while the men rescued the 62-yr-old woman, who is now in critical condition. According to witnesses the woman was trapped in her vehicle for at least six minutes.

Update: Unfortunately, the woman is now dead. Sudsbury Star reports: “Two sources have confirmed to The Sudbury Star that the 62-year-old woman rescued from her sport utility vehicle after it left Municipal Road 80 on Thursday near McCrea Heights and plunged into a marsh has died.”

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3 comments on “5 Men Rush to Save Dying Woman as Cop Chats on Phone
  1. Jim White says:

    3 cheers for the camera operator. I’m sure it was very cold out there and he probably had to take his glove off to operate the buttons on the camera. I hope they took him in the ambulance too to make sure he didn’t get frostbite on his zoom button finger.


    • Thanks for bring this up Jim! How many stories would be lost to time without the oft forgotten camera operator? How many accidents, how much pain, suffering and loss of life would we have never known about, much less been able to enjoy on video, without the ever present camera operator on the scene?

      Seriously, just how many accidents, how much pain, suffering and loss of life could have been averted in the past if these camera operators would have just put down their damn cameras and gotten in there and helped?


      • Jim White says:

        At least the cop was on the phone trying to get a truck over there that could pull the car out. He still sucks though. I would have just gave my “20”, yelled, “get over here now!”, threw my phone down, and jumped in there to help. You know what; forget calling for help. That woman can’t breath underwater. Stupid cop. Remember when in England a man had a seizure and fell into a 2 foot deep wading pond. The cops wouldn’t go in and pull him out. They wouldn’t let any by-standers go in and pull him out. They waited for a team to come with special sticks to measure the depth. Then fully equipped scuba divers went in to a 2 foot deep wading pond to pull the man out who was obviously dead by then. Makes me believe the Canadian lady and English man did or knew something to offend the government and the cops were to make sure they died after their “accidents”.


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