Should Obama and Congress Be Arrested Under the NDAA?

John Aziz

Should President Obama (alongside Lindsay Graham and John McCain) be wearing an orange jumpsuit?

Welcome to the beautiful and surreal reality of life under American corporatism, under a Congress that churns out thousands  and thousands of pages of (often contradictory) legislation a year.

If providing material assistance to al-Qaeda is illegal under the National Defense Authorization Act (2012), and Obama and Congress are sending $25 million of aid to al-Qaeda-affiliated Syrian opposition, aren’t Congress and President Obama violating their own law? Should Obama (or at least the Justice Department) not be using “all necessary and appropriate force” including “the power to indefinitely detain” to prevent Obama and Congress from assisting al-Qaeda? Did anyone in Congress or the Obama administration even bother to read the law that they were signing? Do Federal laws no longer apply to lawmakers?

The only question left from this abrupt and absurd turnaround — from funding bin Laden’s mujaheddin thirty years ago, to ten years ago declaring war on al-Qaeda, to today sending them material assistance — would appear to be whether or not Obama will pull a 1984 and claim that “we have always been at war with Eurasia“.

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"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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10 comments on “Should Obama and Congress Be Arrested Under the NDAA?
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  2. […] Should Obama and Congress Be Arrested Under the NDAA? ( […]


  3. […] Should Obama and Congress Be Arrested Under the NDAA? […]


  4. Paolo says:

    how true is this posting??????????????? check it out, readers

    Subject: Obama admits birthplace
    URGENT! This is from the mouth of Barry Sotero Ramaobama the Benedict Arnold and Marxist Fascist sitting in the office of the REAL President? Why is he there when he is NOT an US Citizen? That makes 50% of Congress Guilty, include Holder & DOJ

    Obama admits birthplace

    His first speech is apparently just after his election to the US Senate.

    Scroll all the way down and watch the video.

    It is Obama after he became a Senator. How come it never came out before now.

    Obama admits not being born in Hawaii …

    Can one doubt his own admission?

    Obama is actually on this video admitting he was not born in Hawaii but was born in Kenya and is not even a citizen.

    Obviously he made these statements because he did not know at that time that a president must be a “natural born” citizen…OOPS!

    Circulate this before they yank it from the internet.

    If you just watch the first 30 seconds your mouth will drop open.

    Obama admits he is not a citizen

    Hmmm…. Maybe the “birthers” are on to something….


    His first speech is apparently just after his election to the US Senate.


  5. Paolo says:

    That should have been enforced at the moment they signed such an illegal document. It violates the US Constitution


  6. […] Should Obama and Congress Be Arrested Under the NDAA? ( […]


  7. […] Should Obama and Congress Be Arrested Under the NDAA? ( […]


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