Another Day, Another Child Molested by TSA

by Kurt Nimmo

It is becoming the new normal. TSA goons putting hands on small children.

Is it possible the government really thinks the kid in the video below is with al-Qaeda, that he might have a bomb stashed in his drawers?

Gate rape is not about bombs or national security. It’s about domination. It’s about exercising control. It’s about sending you a message – the Fourth Amendment is dead and you have no expectation of privacy. It’s about acclimating you to the presence of Gestapo goons – in the airport and on the bus and train platform today, at the mall and on the corner of your neighborhood tomorrow.

The following video was taken at the Austin, Texas, airport and posted on Youtube on August 14, 2011.

via: InfoWars

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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7 comments on “Another Day, Another Child Molested by TSA
  1. My heart goes out to that child as a victim of sexual molestation myself.
    There are no words to describe this….
    Shame on TSA for this child’s memories of travel….


  2. DarcsFalcon says:

    What no one mentioned is that the TSA was actually designed as the post-prison job placement program for all pedophiles, and the criminally sexually deviant. Be careful if you have to ship the body of a loved one back home for burial! We’re supposed to be grateful that they didn’t just toss them off after prison onto an unsuspecting society. Now they’re productive, with jobs! *snort*


  3. righthook38 says:

    How well do they check out the actual TSA workers? Do they do background checks? Maybe they ARE child molesters…

    You know, these terrorists are laughing their behinds off, watching our inept TSA workers putting American citizens through this humiliating process. Our administration is such a joke…. Why don’t we do what Israel does? All they do is interview, and guess what? They don’t have these problems!!!!!


    • I don’t think background checks are currently run on prospective ‘agents’. I have no doubt that sexual predators see the TSA as a dream job. There have been more than a few TSA agents arrested for molestation.

      The Israeli style of airport security works well. One problem though….getting rid of those radiation emitting body scanners means our politicians who’ve invested heavily in the scanner companies would lose out big time. So I don’t see them going away anytime soon.



  4. Between me and you, I never really trusted Spider Man in the first place. Too emotional, insecure and wrapped up in that girlfriend. Red flags in my book. If they frisk Capt America, however – that’ll be the tipping point for revolution.


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