Treason, Redux

I always thought that it was an act of treason to intentionally undermine the Constitution, Intentionally committing acts that economically cripple the country

by Michael Oberndorf, RFA

I don’t know about you, but I always thought that it was an act of treason to intentionally undermine the Constitution. I also thought that intentionally committing acts that economically cripple the country, thus rendering her incapable of defending herself or standing as a sovereign nation was also treason. And doing this at a time when the country is, rightfully or wrongfully, at war, thus, giving aid and comfort to our enemies, in my never humble opinion, leaves no doubt that this is treason.

Since the Democrats gained an unstoppable, lock-step majority in Washington, we have seen nearly a daily occurrence of unconstitutional legislation being passed by Congress and signed by the “president.” In the process, they took a deficit of some four-hundred billion dollars, and nearly quadrupled it in two years, by borrowing and “spending” like crack addicts, and leaving the American people, for generations to come, to foot the bill. I put quotation marks around the word spending, because much of what they did with our money was simply cash pay outs to fat-cat, neo-fascist Democrat bankers, brokers, corporations, and big, corrupt unions, ineptly disguised as “stimulus.”

We have also seen a rash of unconstitutional executive orders spewing from the White House, ostensibly giving the president power over everything from fishing in our oceans and rivers, to the lives of millions of Americans living in rural areas. In addition, totally unconstitutional executive branch agencies like the EPA have been let off the leash and set like snarling Rottweilers on the states and the people.

Lately, to add incredible insult to injury, senile, hate-filled Democrat senators have been out before the ever-willing cameras of the Ministry of Propaganda, aka, the “mainstream” media, calling those of us who want no more spending, no more taxes, and a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, who by even their own polls are a significant majority, all sorts of hateful, outrageous names. Despicable behavior that degrades an already severely degraded office.

And as always, the lies just keep on coming.

This whole “crisis” is a fake, a set-up. For two-and-a-half years, the neo-fascist Democrats – and this includes every single one of them in the House, and especially in the Senate – have refused to put forth a budget, forcing the government to run on continuing resolutions. In addition, they have passed legislation like Obamacare that has already killed jobs and massively increased the size and cost of government.
The simple truth is that Democrat “spending” has created our financial problems. Period.

America functioned just fine up until 2008. We paid our bills, and took care of the vast majority of our citizens. We had no need for multi-trillion dollar hikes to our borrowing capacity. We are being lied to when neo-fascists like Harry Reid (D-NV) tell us we need to raise taxes, when clearly, what we need is to stop spending and cut government budgets. If Reid wants more taxes, maybe he should look at the 47 percent of Americans who pay no taxes at all, and at corporations like Big Democrat Donor, GE, who, in spite of billions in profits, pays no taxes, either.

The neo-fascist Democrats have made absolutely no good faith effort to come to a workable agreement that will not end up destroying the economy, and therefore, the country. They demand huge, damaging tax increases, and the only specific cuts they have named are equally huge ones, while we are involved in three separate wars, to our defense budget. They have no plan, except to follow the totalitarian strategy of Saul Alinsky, to destroy capitalism.

As for those of us still able to think for ourselves, we need to face a very difficult fact: America is on the very brink, just inches away from becoming a full-blown fascist country.

Leftist infestation of government

Our elected representatives, particularly in the Senate, no longer listen, much less pay attention, to We the People. Even liberal Democrats want the spending stopped and the deficit seriously and effectively dealt with. Not surprising, since during the hated Bush years, “cut the deficit” was the Democrat mantra. However, it obviously was just a ruse, as far as the neo-fascist Democrat politicians are concerned.

The economic “crisis” has been used to institutionalize the “public-private partnerships” and the government facilitation of select industries and corporate entities, e.g., “green” industries and unions, at the expense of everyone else, which is the classic definition of fascism. Combine it with the collaboration with the U.N. and Agenda 21 (, and you have global, and thus, neo-, fascism. Can you say, “Germany and Italy, 1930s?”

Back in 1964, Barry Goldwater referred to the leftist infestation of government, saying “None dare call it treason.” Well, that’s exactly what I am calling it. If we make it to November, 2012, we REALLY need to clean house.

via: Canadian Free Press

h/t to: Cmblake6’s Weblog

"There is no Left or Right. There is only Tyranny and Freedom."

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7 comments on “Treason, Redux
  1. DarcsFalcon says:

    Seems The JAG HUNTER has daily posts of people – regular people – who are filing complains of treason against Obama. He says the cost is minimal, and that you don’t need a lawyer. Maybe something will come of all the complaints. It seems even the libs are getting restless with The GreatO now.


  2. cmblake6 says:

    Excellent article, methinks. Well done, MR. And Carl, if it is directly in violation of the Constitution, it’s unconstitutional.


    • I agree, but my frustration is that well meaning people see the very same issue as constitutional or unconstitutional, Both are absolutely convinced of their correctness and have all the philosophical and legal speak to affirm their positions. So we have the courts and judicial review. Every president since John Adams has been accused of unconstitutional acts . There have been segments of the population that have called for the impeachment of every president and have called them traitors. It becomes a whirlpool of insanity. After 33 years as an American History teacher I admit I don’t have a clue how to
      sort this all out. I am leery of people calling each other traitors over disagreements. It was constitutional that 4 million people were held in slavery.


  3. righthook says:

    Linking your post to mine….


  4. righthook says:

    Great post! Obama has blatantly ignored our Constitution, just daring someone to stop him, and no one has done it. The media doesn’t question him. The Democrats in Washington don’t question him. And sadly, neither are their Republican colleagues, short of a few conservatives.


  5. boudicabpi says:

    Hi MR,
    Posted yesterday, I got it from Patriot Action Network.
    Bob A.


  6. ultimately nothing is unconstitutional unless a state or federal court declares it so.


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