Anonymous Could Unleash “Literally Explosive” Material on Bohemian Grove

Hacking collective targets secretive power brokers as part of “biggest day” in  group’s history

by Paul Joseph Watson

AnonymousThe hackers’ collective Anonymous may have  obtained “literally explosive” information concerning Bohemian Grove, an annual  gathering of power brokers from the US and Europe set to meet this week in  California, which many see as a nefarious avenue through which elitists secretly  manipulate world affairs.

Bohemian Grove is a privately owned 2,700 acre  compound in Monte Rio, California surrounded by giant old-growth redwood trees.  Once a year it plays host to a bizarre confab attended by some of the most  powerful people in the world, including many US politicians and government  officials, during which participants embroil themselves in a heady mixture of  plutocratic plotting and occult pagan ritual ceremonies.

The Anonymous hacking group, which has already  announced its intention to occupy the entrance to the Bohemian Grove compound as  a protest against the group’s secrecy, may also be about to leak a whole  treasure trove of information about the organization as part of what has been  dubbed “the biggest day in Anonymous’s history”.

As part of a series of hacks conducted to protest  the treatment of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, to whom Anonymous has  attached itself, the collective says it is about to unleash “literally  explosive” material on a number of organizations, including the London  Metropolitan Police and other agencies connected to the UK judicial system.

The hacks are timed to coincide with Assange’s  appeal hearing against extradition, which begins today.

According to a report in the Guardian, one of the  targets of the hacks could well be the Bohemian Grove club.

“Speculation centres around material claimed to  have been obtained last week from contractors relating to security and secrecy  of “former world leaders”, or plans to target a senior leaders’ retreat at  Bohemian Grove, California,” write  the Guardian’s James Ball and Charles Arthur.

Any such leak would be devastating for Bohemian  Grove organizers, and could even disrupt activities at the encampment planned  for the next fortnight.

Former Secretaries of State George Shultz and  James Baker are set to give lakeside talks at the event this year, which begins  Friday and runs for the next two weeks. But the details of what they say will  not be covered by any media outlet, the meeting is secret and any uninvited  guests are hastily dealt with by security guards and police.

Alex Jones  made history in 2000 when he became the first journalist to capture on video  the ‘creation of care’ ceremony, where Grove members dressed in Eyes Wide  Shut-style hooded capes make a mock child sacrifice to Moloch, the pagan owl god,  represented as a 50 foot statue carved out of a hollowed redwood tree.

Although Matt Oggero, the club’s general manager,  told  the Press Democrat this week that Bohemian Grove is merely “a group of guys  out in the woods having a good time,” Presidents Nixon and Reagan  both attended the elitist get-together before they captured the Oval Office.  George  W. Bush was also introduced to Grove power brokers in 1995 by his father  five years before becoming President.

Nixon infamously later described the encampment as  the “most faggy  goddamned thing you could ever imagine,” perhaps in reference to the fact  that male prostitutes and porn stars are routinely transported to the facility  to “serve the moguls,” as  the New York Post reported in 2004. Few women are allowed to work at the  camp and those that do are prevented from accessing many areas of the site.  Young men of high school and college age make up most of the temporary employees  hired by Grove organizers.

Although the establishment media routinely claims  the event is little more than a holiday camp, in  1942 it was the setting for the birthplace of the Manhattan Project, which  led to the creation of the atomic bomb, a story often retold by Grove members  who are proud of the fact that the most important scientific development of the  20th century was conceived there.

Watch the video below in which Anonymous announces  its attention to protest the secrecy surrounding Bohemian Grove by occupying the  entrance to the compound.

via: Anonymous Could Unleash “Literally Explosive” Material on Bohemian Grove

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  2. DarcsFalcon says:

    It’ll be interesting to see if they get in! Especially with security on the lookout for them.


    • Several people have infiltrated The Grove over the years. Alex Jones managed to infiltrate The Grove in July 2000 and stayed inside for about 5 hours. He made this film about his infiltration: Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove It’s long & the video quality is poor, but if you’re interested, I found it to be worth the watch. He actually got the “cremation of care” ceremony on film. Bizarre stuff….and these are the people that control the world.



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