Could Obama Be Moving to Take Private Pension Funds?

We have to look in other direction too when we see a big event revealed to be a hoax. We have to look in the opposite direction to see what the other hand is doing. The vote on raising the debt ceiling is coming up for a vote in congress.

There is a very good chance the debt ceiling will not be raised were the Congress will not borrow anymore money and move towards having a balanced budget.The President wants to borrow the funds in expansion of government. He is looking for money. If he can not borrow anymore and the Federal Reserve can not move onto Quantitative Easing 3(QE3) printing money buying our treasuries to fund the government.

The President is looking for a source to fund his extravagant big government programs. He is looking a everyone’s private pension funds to nationalize as a way confiscating people’s retirement savings as a source of money to fund the Federal Government and Wall Street. The last act of government is to the loot the people and the nation. I do not trust the government to manage anyone’s pension funds.They proven that overseeing Social Security. Congress and the President over the years looted the Social Security trust fund to spend on big government.

While the world watches the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden. We must be on the watch for move by this Administration to pull a fast one stealing the pension funds from hard working people who worked all their lives. We all need to get our 401ks and IRAs as far as we can away from Obama’s reach. I suggest we put it in gold and silver coins.This is an asset we can have in our possession and please do not not these precious metals in the bank’s safety deposit boxes.The government has been known to raid the safety deposit boxes in the past. I am not saying he is doing this as I am typing. All I am just saying keep watch.While most people are looking in one direction. We need to look in the opposite place for the unexpected slide of hand to nationalize the private pension funds if he can not borrow anymore.

This could be a real possibility real soon if congress does not raise the debt ceiling and the President is looking for money to fund his big and ever expanding government programs.We could face another government shutdown. I can see this in the works.The President might resort to confiscating the 401ks and IRAs to avoid a complete government shutdown.We must keep watch in the other direction too when the world the country is looking in another. This President is unpredictable and he might confiscate people pension funds if Congress does not give him what he wants.We must keep watch in all directions.

The President’s agenda and his administration is a cornered rat and desperate. He is looking for payback. If Congress does not allow him to borrow anymore money and still licking his wounds over the Osama Bin Laden hoax along with the releasing of his birth certificate. He is getting angry and looking for way to retaliate against the American people. He might just seize the private pension funds using the excuse will be he needs to keep the government going or he will not be able to pay the troops. Do not underestimate. He is dangerous capable of doing anything for payback against the American people. We must not let our guard down one second.

via: Lone Star Watchdog

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4 comments on “Could Obama Be Moving to Take Private Pension Funds?
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  2. DarcsFalcon says:

    I recently read that a South American country raided its country’s pensions – Argentina, perhaps? Can’t recall which country. But it would not surprise me in the LEAST if O were up to something like this. We have learned from him that he pulls stunts like that – “look HERE, not there!” so as to get away with things he wouldn’t be able to if people weren’t distracted.

    My spidey-sense is tingling big time. Has been since the “birth certificate” was released and only got worse with the Osama stuff.

    I mean, tingling more than usual since Nov 2008.


  3. Maybe it is better if the government nationalizes the private pensions. That would be better than allowing the banksters and megacorps steal it like all the workers for Enron who lost their pensions as well as all the other people whose pensions were with Enron investing.. And my stupid Republicans want to privatize social security? Haven’t they learned anything from past few years how deregulation has allowed the banking to loot all the pension funds? At least the Fed can guarantee as it does my father’s pension from Eastern Airlines that was taken over by the Fed after Lorenzo dismantled it.


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