Fukushima Radiation Release Rivals Chernobyl

by Paul Joseph Watson

The radiation released by the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant already rivals and in one sense exceeds the Chernobyl catastrophe according to Austria’s Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, even as media spin downplays the severity of the crisis despite the fact that the problems at the plant show no signs of abating.

“The release of two types of radioactive particles in the first 3-4 days of Japan’s nuclear crisis is estimated to have reached 20-50 percent of the amounts from Chernobyl in 10 days, an Austrian expert said on Wednesday,” reports Reuters.

Iodine-131 released in the first 3-4 days of the crisis was about 20 percent of that released from Chernobyl during a ten-day period, whereas the amount of Caesium-137 released amounted to about 50 percent, according to the institute’s Dr Gerhard Wotawa.

Despite the fact that the story appears under the euphemistic Reuters headline, Japan radiation release lower than Chernobyl, as Tyler Durden points out, when you consider the fact that the amount of Caesium-137 released at Fukushima in the first 3-4 days of the crisis amounted to 50% that released by Chernobyl over 10 days, the real run rate of the radiation released at Fukushima is now about 120-150% the figure released by the Chernobyl explosion – and that’s not even factoring in ongoing radiation leaks from Fukushima, which many experts have estimated could go on for much longer.

As the New York Times reported, “Experts….suggest that radioactive releases of steam from the crippled plants could go on for weeks or even months.” Even if Fukushima technicians manage to stop radiation leakage after one month, estimated Caesium-137 emissions would be at least 500 percent more than those released by Chernobyl, whereas iodine-131 levels could be 200 percent worse.

A further complication is the fact that we don’t even know how much if any plutonium emissions have leaked from Fukushima reactor number 3, which runs on MOX or Mixed Oxide fuel, a mixture of plutonium and uranium. Plutonium is the most deadly radioactive isotope known to man, and MOX is two million times more deadly than normal enriched uranium. The Half-life of Plutonium-239 in MOX is 24,000 years and just a few milligrams of P-239 escaping in a smoke plume will contaminate soil for tens of thousands of years.

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  2. […] Fukushima Radiation Release Rivals Chernobyl (mountainrepublic.net) […]


  3. […] Fukushima Radiation Release Rivals Chernobyl (mountainrepublic.net) […]


  4. […] Fukushima Radiation Release Rivals Chernobyl (mountainrepublic.net) […]


  5. […] Fukushima Radiation Release Rivals Chernobyl (mountainrepublic.net) […]


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  7. Nymo Amonys says:

    The numbers cited are completely ludicrous. They suggest that the Fukushima accident released radioactive materials at a faster rate than the Chernobyl accident during the first days of the accident. There is no way they can be correct if you compare the mechanisms of the two accidents (the latter one was and still is infinitely more dangerous).

    Consider the fact that the radiation release at Fukushima during the first 3-4 days consisted solely of vented water vapor with trace amounts of fission products such as Iodine-131 (half-life 8 days) and Cesium-137 (30 years). The amount per time unit likely increased when the reactors sustained additional damage due to pressure problems and hydrogen explosions and the spent fuel pools emptied. However, there has been no word of failure of the pressure vessels (the innermost part with the actual nuclear fuel). This sort of damage would be the only explanation for the cited numbers.

    The radiation amounts detected at the nuclear plant during the 3-4 first days do not support this theory. They were, while considerably elevated, still not really dangerous and definitely not deadly. They have unfortunately risen massively since then and are now on average somewhat dangerous but still not deadly unless one spends several days in a row at the plant (this doesn’t apply even to the workers, who are obviously on a constant rotation to minimize radiation exposure).

    This pales in comparison to what happened at Chernobyl where the pressure vessel was burst open in an explosion and the nuclear fuel was completely exposed without any shielding remaining. The graphite burned for days, spreading the nastiness everywhere within a few thousand miles. The contamination is considerable in many countries in Europe and will remain so for several decades.

    In contrast to the state of Fukushima during the first few days, the radiation amounts in the vicinity of the Chernobyl plant were absolutely, positively deadly (I heard a story about some poor fellow who noticed that he had gotten a nice tan in just a few minutes’ timeframe. He subsequently got sick and died). You would get a lethal amount of radiation for spending just 10 minutes near the power plant – and this applies even today if you force your way inside the containment building.

    This is the sort of difference that suggests that the results cited can’t possibly be correct unless the Japanese have been able to fool everyone completely about the initial days of the disaster. Had this been the case, we should already have detected it.


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  9. With all these calculations I don’t see anything yet on the long range effects on the future of Japan to be an area than can sustain life for its people and its entire civilization even if they achieve maximum containment in the next few weeks. The prognosis it seems would have to be pretty bleak. I think they know but how do you tell 100 million people that it’s over, baby?


    • If it’s as bad as we’re being led to believe it may be, it’s time to start getting those poor folks out of there now. What are we waiting for? It’s not right to let them sit there & slowly cook to death while we’re off attacking another sovereign nation for their oil.

      Why isn’t there any response on this crisis from the United Nations? The UN only seems interested in waging war. It’s just a front for the military-industrial-complex.



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