9/11 Footage Shows FBI Director Asking Firefighters About “Secondary Hits” On WTC

Video also shows city officials hurriedly leaving after South Tower collapse

Another intriguing video on You Tube appears to show a FDNY film crew being interviewed in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks by the the director of the FBI’s New York office, who has suspicions that one of the World Trade Center towers took a “secondary hit” before collapsing.

On first viewing it appears to be nothing special, just the horribly familiar scenes of dust and rubble from the aftermath of the attacks. However, it contains a stunning exchange between officials and firefighters.

The action appears to be taking place immediately after the collapse of the South tower and before the collapse of the North tower.

The film crew exits a building and make their way along the dust and debris littered streets.

At around 2 mins 50, a man in a suit approaches the crew and announces himself as “FBI, Barry Mawn.

Mawn (pictured below with Rudy Giuliani) was at that time the director of the FBI’s New York office.

EXCLUSIVE: Uncovered 9/11 Footage Shows FBI Director Asking Firefighters About Secondary Hits On WTC 271010Mawn

Mawn then asks the FDNY crew a question in the form of a statement:  “That tower got a secondary hit?

The firefighters respond by saying they are unsure but they heard a rumbling and ran for their lives as the tower then collapsed.

The audio is difficult to hear but one of the firefighters then says he “Saw it blow right out the side of the building” to which Mawn asks “That was the plane right?

The firefighter then states “I don’t know if it was a plane or an explosion.

As they continue their description of events the noise of a jet overhead interrupts them as people begin to panic. Someone, presumably another FBI agent shouts “Is that ours?” to which Mawn replies “Yeah, that should be ours”.

At this point a large gathering of suited individuals walks into view and a woman in the group yells “Go to City Hall.

Mawn then asks “Where is the mayor?”, from which it can be deduced that this group is affiliated with Rudy Giuliani and they are hurriedly leaving the scene.

The woman leading the mayor’s group then curses at reporters telling them to “Get the f*** out of here”.

One commenter has speculated that the reporters are with Pat Dawson, the first NBC News correspondent to report from the scene of the attacks at the World Trade Center.

Watch the video:

We have previously covered the fact that Giuliani and his group were warned that the South tower was about to collapse, before it happened. This video of them leaving the scene just after the collapse of the South tower dovetails directly with that information – another huge finding to emerge from the NIST video releases.

The video is a fascinating piece of evidence to be added to the hundreds of other accounts and descriptions of secondary explosions in and around the WTC on 9/11. This clearly indicates that the FBI believed that a secondary attack, aside from the use of air planes was under way.

Indeed, this backs up previous evidence that the FBI’s initial working premise was that trucks packed with explosives aided the collapse of the twin towers. This fact was reported by USA today journalist Jack Kelly:

More on this at: InfoWars

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9 comments on “9/11 Footage Shows FBI Director Asking Firefighters About “Secondary Hits” On WTC
  1. For some reason your full-screen buttons are not working
    properly. When switching to full screen, only the audio
    track plays, there is no video. I checked the latest 3, and
    they’re all like that. But they work fine when navigating to
    YouTube and checking out the originals…


  2. Well, since this not only refuses to go away, but in fact
    actually seems to be gaining some long-awaited traction
    through the grace of God, they must have felt the need to
    dream up another team of phony foreign operatives to help
    fill in the blanks. We probably should have seen this com-

    I have revised my latest 9/11 post and added 4 great vid-
    eos. My goal for this piece has been to make it the “one-
    stop shopping center” for the highest quality footage, an-
    alysis, and discussion regarding everything that trans-
    pired that day–in Shanksville, Washington, and New York
    –available anywhere. Only the “best of the best” and the
    “cream of the crop”, cherry-picked by me personally and
    culled out of hundreds in existence, are allowed entry on-
    to the line-up.

    A couple of these latest entries delve deeper into the
    demolitions and incendiary aspects, and I believe I may
    have found a “smoking (literally) gun” at around 5:20 on
    the video: “Amateur 9/11 Footages” — visual evidence
    of an “irreversible thermite reaction” on the central sup-
    port column at the very point at which the upper floors
    begin their initial collapse. And there looks like possibly
    another one off to the right. You have to work the pause
    and play button to catch it just right.

    I believe the Steven Jones vid I just included analyzes
    this same visual anomaly in greater depth and detail.


    • Good additions to your growing collection, JD! Some good plane impact shots in the “Amateur 9-11” vid.

      If you want to include the links next time, you’re welcome to do so.



  3. steve says:

    Great post MR. I thought I was just about the only one around WordPress that doesn’t like the “smell” of government involvement regarding the tragic events of 9/11.
    Here’s a link to just one of my posts concerning it:

    I have quite alot. Oh, here’s a link for something you might find interesting:



    • Thanks, Steve. I enjoyed your post as well! Especially the last 2 sentences: Never Forget”? They got away with it. I just can’t forget that part.

      Well, we may be among the few on WP, but I think in general, more & more people are starting to question the official story. There’s at least one new truther here on WP. His name is JD & his blog is called The Dirty Lowdown. He’s putting together a collection of hand-picked 9-11 videos that he feels are the best of the best. You can find that post here: Innocence Lost: Anatomy of A False Flag Attack

      Have you read the New Pearl Harbor? It looks like a good read. Thanks for the links.



      • steve says:

        MR. I’ve read a lot of the New Pearl Harbor as it was/is available pdf on the internet. I had downloaded the book (it’s not very long), but don’t have it right now on this computer. I have it available somewhere on one of my 9/11 posts. I’ll have to dig it out. But I gotta tell you, it really puts the government involvement into perspective.


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