Terrormania Grips U.S.

PSYOP’s Justify Bloated Budgets

Around the country ‘regular people’ are coming face to face with terror! Mall invasions, chemical warfare and deadly explosives test infrastructure security and cause mass hysteria. Of course, all of these were pedestrian events over-hyped to justify the bloated budgets of the terror-industrial security complex. But you don’t know that!

Ohio University – Explosive Material Discovered

The life sciences building at Ohio University was evacuated on Friday January 14th after a possible explosive material, a container of crystalized picric acid, was discovered. The Columbus bomb squad was called upon to dispose of the ‘potentially volatile’ substance.

After the initial plan to explode the substance on the premises was vetoed, the bomb squad transported the acid to The Ridges for disposal. They dug a 4 foot hole, placed charges and destroyed the substance.

On the surface this sounds like a reasonable story. But doing a little research on the substance make the story more incredulous. Picric acid is a potentially volatile substance when it is dry. This is why it is
stored in a container under a layer water rendering it safe.

Southern California – Freeway Bomb Discovered

The Costa Mesa Freeway at the Riverside Freeway transition shut down for about four hours Thursday after a California Highway Patrol officer found what he believed to be a pipe bomb. The sheriff’s bomb squad detonated the device. No serious injuries were reported and authorities did not arrest anyone in connection with the incident. About 2:45 p.m.

Authorities later determined the device was not a bomb. Sheriff’s Lt. Lynn Nehring said, “There was nothing inside”. Once again, a non incident over-hyped to a fever pitch causes the breakdown of security and infrastructure collapse.

Mayfair Mall, Milwaukee – Siege Closes Mall

Loud noises and gunfire erupt at Milwaukee mall causing the facility to go on lock-down. Customers huddle in stores, hiding from potential danger.

There were no gunshots fired in the incident and the entire event was nothing more than a prank which started on the internet orchestrated by a small group of children. Authorities had pre-knowledge of the event and still allowed hysteria to get a foothold.

Spokane: MLK Day Parade – Device Found in Backpack

A potentially explosive device with the capability of causing mass casualties was found on the route of the Martin Luther King, Jr parade.

The device inside “clearly would have had the potential to inflict multiple casualties, injury and death, to humans,” Frank Harrill Seattle Division of FBI said in an interview Tuesday. He declined to describe the device.

This is yet another ‘potentially dangerous’ device described in vague detail to advance the fear agenda when in fact it was nothing at all.

These are just a small percentage of the types of incidents that have been over-hyped in the name of better news and expanding security budgets.

In the middle of an economic crisis greater than any other in history, we cannot afford to be ruled by fear. Our focus must be resolute and we must address the real problems facing our country and not the imagined ones.

This is the very reason most of us refuse to accept the government sponsored terror agenda or the propagandizing of pedestrian events to justify that agenda. These are clear cases of ‘wag the dog’, designed specifically to inspire fear and divert the attention from the contrived implosion of the economy and the implementation of a police state control grid.

via: InfoWars

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4 comments on “Terrormania Grips U.S.
  1. themadjewess says:

    people should be scared to death of illegals.


  2. DarcsFalcon says:

    People cower at the smallest things now.

    The one in Milwaukee was kind of funny in that the authorities knew about it and still let it escalate.


  3. The Miami Dade Public School system averages 125 weapons/arrest incidents a year. That has to be a very low reflection of reality because I would present that half the 11th grade girls in my classes carried a single edge razor. That’s not hype but ghetto survival mentality. The entire subject is a dreadful mess.


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