Compare A Man With A Spine To Obama

Obama prances around the globe apologizing for America. He tells the Muslim world that one of his responsibilities as President is to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam. Since when is that the duty of an American President? WTF? Ewald Stadler tells it like it is. It’s well past time for Obama to be gone from the Presidency.

Austrian MP Ewald Stadler addresses Turkish Ambassador

Obama In Turkey: “We Do Not Consider Ourselves A Christian Nation”

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4 comments on “Compare A Man With A Spine To Obama
  1. DarcsFalcon says:

    Sometimes I think that Obama got his president and anti-Christ fantasies mixed up as a kid. Too bad he couldn’t be content with the simple rock star ones!


  2. I think “not a Christian nation” is taken out of context. He mentioned the other religions too. He said we retain Christian VALUES. It is important the government be secular and not theocracies like the Taliban and Al Quaeda want to institute. You have to take into consideration to what audience he is speaking. Egypt and Turkey are overwhelmingly Moslem but have secular governments which is the model we want this part of the world to accept. Egypt and Turkey are being threatened by disruption from Islamic fundamentalists and terrorists too and take repressive and some times murderous efforts to keep a lid on it so the fundamentalists don’t get control of the government. So I do not interpret his remarks as anti Christian but pro secular to keep our fragile alliances with Turkey and Egypt and to show our support as they try to separate church and state over there. I would not want a fundamentalist Christian theocratic government established here although I consider myself a born again Presbyterian. It was much the same in Iran before the ayatollah overthrew the shah. It was a dictatorship but a very western society esp. re women’s opportunities, music, art, and education. Government beaurecrats ran the place not Moslem clerics.


    • You’ve obviously put a lot more thought into Obama’s visit than Obama did. You also seem to have a better grasp on foreign policy.

      Ever thought about a 2012 run for the White House? This president has proven that no experience is necessary!



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