Is Obama An Alcoholic?

Well the President’s annual check up is complete and overall, he seems to be in good health. His weight is good, doesn’t take much medication, exercises regularly and he’s still trying to quit smoking. Just one thing seems to stand out in this annual doctor’s report: Recommend moderation of alcohol intake.

Boozer-In Chief. I'll have just one.....

When Obama got together for the “beer summit” with that asshole Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge police sergeant Jim Crowley, I didn’t approve. I thought it was a poor decision on his part and not befitting of our President. But now I understand why he thought this was a good choice. Alcoholics think booze is appropriate for all occasions. They can’t help it. They just need a drink.

.....after another.....

Have you ever had a doctor tell you to moderate your alcohol intake? Well, I have. Alcoholism runs in my family and I was a track star. So, I know from first hand experience what I’m talking about here.

.....after another.

Doctors don’t tell you to cut down on your drinking if you enjoy a glass or two of wine in the evening, go out for a couple of beers once in a while or are just a social drinker. They only make this recommendation when physical damage is already evident or if the patient has stated something like: “I drink um-teen beers every night“.

Well maybe just one more for the road.

Has  a sitting U.S. President ever been told to quit boozing it up? Not in my recollection and I go back a ways. Even old party boy Bill Clinton wasn’t ever told to curtail his liquor intake. So just how many “tall boys” are you sucking down every night Barry? Or do you go for the 40 ouncers instead?

Last call for alcohol.

It’s apparent there’s no moderation in this administration.

Does the Secret Service now make beer runs?

Important Update on this story from: SPN Headlines

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12 comments on “Is Obama An Alcoholic?
  1. Matthew says:

    Comment deleted for violating Mountain Republic’s Comment Policy.

    “Matthew” who posted this comment and “Frank” who responded to this comment are the same person.


  2. allmhuran says:

    Yes alcoholism certainly does run in families. Obama is in fact a child of an alcoholic. His father was killed in a fatal crash. He was DWI. In his first DWI crash he lost a limb. Alcoholics have specific behavior traits which are common among them. Narcissism is one. Grandiosity is another. And blame. They blame everyone else for everything that goes wrong. With a 50 percent greater risk of alcoholism based on his heritage, it looks like we have one on our hands in the White House. And by the way. His doctor told him to quit drinking. Not to slow down.


  3. cmblake6 says:

    Booze problem or no, he shouldn’t be in charge of this country. Period.


    • allmhuran says:

      I second that. A recent article in Forbes on 9/27/10 states that his father was involved in three DUI accidents. In the first one he killed the other driver. In the second one he lost his legs. In the third one he killed himself. Perhaps drinking may explain why this President holds the most vacations while in office record. Hiding away from home so he won’t be spotted by the White House staffers and press may explain it as well.


  4. Robert Feeley says:

    Obama’s drinking and smoking are causing problems – an SPN Headlines exclusive:

    Keep smiling! 🙂


  5. i don’t think Obama has that big a drinking problem. look i had to take Antabus.
    i had some serious problems with moderation. so comparatively i don’t think he does.


    • I do think he has a drinking problem. He never seems to miss a photo op with a beer.

      Comparatively speaking, my problems with moderation were probably worse than his are too. But that’s not the point.

      This man is the Commander-In-Chief of The United States of America. And no matter whether you love him or hate him, if he’s got a booze problem I don’t think he should be in charge of this country. Period.


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