Supreme Court puts TSA in precarious position over filming

Jake Jones

Yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court decided that it would not hear an appeal of a lower court decision making the filming of police officers who are on duty, legal and protected by the First Amendment. That appeal came from Cook County, Illinois, which wanted to, and tried to make filming police a crime punishable with up to 15 years in prison.

You can read about that here, but the main issue now is just how this will affect the filming of TSA officials and their army of jackbooted thugs who either pat you down; or run you through a machine that X-ray’s your body.

The issue at hand is that TSA agents are public servants just like police officers. They are paid with taxpayer money and receive benefits which are also paid by the taxpayers of this country; and, they perform their duties on public property, in public areas.

It would seem that if the Supreme Court stood behind the decision of a lower court on the issue of filming police, then the same scenario would fit the TSA administrators and employees.

Recently, the TSA said that filming the TSA was terrorism and that anyone who films the TSA is a terrorist. Additionally, a reporter for Infowars was threatened with arrest because he was filming TSA operations at an airport. So, now what will the TSA do?

The decision yesterday by the Supreme Court to stand by the lower court decision about the recording of police by a citizen puts the TSA in precarious position. Apparently, the TSA agents know little to nothing about the rules that employer has laid out for travelers and/or reporters because it is stated on their website that filming of the operations is permitted. So, with that in mind; and the recent Supreme Court standing by a lower court decision will most certainly put the TSA in a contentious position to say the least.


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  2. […] Supreme Court puts TSA in precarious position over filming […]


  3. […] Supreme Court puts TSA in precarious position over filming […]


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