Live Radiation Monitoring from West Coast

Last update: March 24, 2011 at 9:45am PST

Live Radiation Monitoring from West LA on USTREAM

We still can’t seem to get any information from our government on just how bad the fallout is here on the West coast. Reports coming in from Japan state that the situation there is worsening, yet the reports here all tell us not to worry. Officials say the readings here are withing “safe” levels, but they won’t say just what those levels are.

It’s apparent our government is once again not going to tell us the truth. You should continue to monitor this situation on your own. Take what you feel is appropriate action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

There are numerous people on the West coast who are streaming continuous live pictures of Geiger counters on the Internet. One example is embedded below. The Geiger counter is on the left-hand side. Current time and weather conditions in Santa Monica are on the right. If you don’t see the meters, try refreshing the page.

Normal background radiation can range from 5 CPM to 60 CPM. Anything above 100 should raise an alarm.

Mountain Republic is only providing this feed as a service to concerned persons. We are not responsible for downtime or interruptions to the service.

This Geiger counter is based in Santa Monica, California

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61 comments on “Live Radiation Monitoring from West Coast
  1. Judy Ellen says:

    Meter is over 400……???

    • Interesting that it’s happened a couple of times in the evening, about the same time.

      Not knowing the exact location of the monitor, it’s really hard to say why these spikes are occurring and if they should be taken seriously.


  2. Judy Ellen says:

    the meter is at almost 300….is this broken or are we being blasted?

  3. Mike says:

    So is the monitoring gone for good, i cant seem to find any real time monitoring any wheres in N america.

  4. Craig says:

    re this site
    move your mouse down the blue ones on the west coast then phoenix ….higher reading as you go…
    and look at Augusta GA. are these #s we should be concerned about? and why such difference between Augusta and Seattle ??

    • I’m not sure why the differences in the two readings. I’m sure there’s several factors that could influence the readings. Local weather conditions at the monitoring stations would probably top the list.

      I’m not an expert in the field, so I can’t explain the numbers to you. For more info on “safe” radiation levels, check out the comments here from “palmsprings”.


  5. Craig says:

    are there any other citizen sites monitoring like this? It seems that after all this time there would be more tham only one in West LA.

  6. palmsprings says:

    Colorado and Oregon are the latest states to report detection of radioactive particles that have drifted over the North Pacific Ocean from the Fukushima plant, some 5000 miles away.

    The EPA announced late yesterday that small amounts of iodine-131, a radioactive form of iodine, has been detected by monitors at Grand Junction, Denver, and Colorado Springs in Colorado.

    Iodine-131 was also picked up yesterday by monitors in Portland, Oregon.

    Hawaii, California and in Washington State previously reported finding trace amounts of radioactive iodine, cesium, and tellurium.

    Three air monitors in California at San Francisco, Riverside and Anaheim, as well as one monitor in Seattle, have identified the isotopes and other radioactive particles.

  7. palmsprings says:

    Listed below are some of the probable prompt and delayed effects of certain doses of radiation when the doses are received by an individual within a twenty-four hour period.

    Dosages are in Roentgen Equivalent Man (Rem)
    Dosages in 24 hrs
    1000 milliservient (japans units used = 1 sv = 1 rem
    • 0-25 No injury evident. First detectable blood change at 5 rem.
    • 25-50 Definite blood change at 25 rem. No serious injury.
    • 50-100 Some injury possible.
    • 100-200 Injury and possible disability.
    • 200-400 Injury and disability likely, death possible.
    • 400-500 Median Lethal Dose (MLD) 50% of exposures are fatal.
    • 500-1,000 Up to 100% of exposures are fatal.
    • 1,000-over 100% likely fatal.
    PalmSprings/Yucca Valley Ca

    • palmsprings says:

      Typical Rem dosages in 24 hrs
      sea level : 24 milirems (millirem is1/1000th of a Rem)
      Denver : 50 millirems

      • palmsprings says:

        Radiation from X-Rays and Medical Tests
        According to the American Nuclear Society, the following are the typical dose levels from various medical tests:

        * Extremity (arm, leg, etc) Xray: 1 mrem
        * Dental Xray: 1 mrem
        * Chest Xray: 6 mrem
        * Nuclear Medicine (thyroid scan): 14 mrem
        * Neck/Skull Xray: 20 mrem
        * Pelvis/Huip Xray: 65 mrem
        * CAT Scan: 110 mrem
        * Upper GI Xray: 245 mrem
        * Barium Enema: 405 mrem

        OK, so total them up. You’ll probably end up with around 300 mrem a year, perhaps more, if you take a lot of airplane flights, or have a lot of medical x-rays or nuclear medicine procedures.

        As you can see, the major source of your radiation dose rate is due to natural sources, radon, cosmic radiation, and terrestrial radiation. Man made sources of radiation are completely swamped by these natural sources in most cases.

        The average total dose rate for the USA is 360 mrem a year. It has been estimated that your chance of dying from cancer increases 10% if you accumulate a total of 250,000 mrem. This would be over 3,000 mrem a year over 80 years, for example. This estimates presumably assume a linear risk factor between dose and the chance of getting cancer, and there are those who now dispute such assumptions, which means the risks from low levels of radiation may be overstated.

        A single dose of around 450 R (450,000 mR) is usually considered produce death in 50% of the cases.

        If you’re interested in measuring your local radiation levels, our line of radiation detectors may be of interest to you.

        O,k enough is enough,Ill give it a rest.

        • palmsprings says:

          Ok so now i see the possibility of a new issue that Im going to have to address.
          That is the fallout on our food we intend to eat.(plutonium and others with the looooong halflives)
          Save it.. if any of you are going to try and tell me it wont be enough..
          Looks like Im going to have to find a good “low range “detector for the food I intend to buy /eat.
          I can see it now…scanning the vegs and fruits at the grocery. Even At the resturant!

          Just something to think about

      • palmsprings says:

        wish there was an “edit “because i do make errors and never seem to notice them when proof reading before posting,always afterward it seems.
        JohnJ PalmSprings

        • John,
          Let me know what edits need to be made. You can email any changes to: Thanks for providing this valuable information!


          • palmsprings says:

            I do have a question.
            ive been monitoring the gamma rays since the start of the event on friday 18th.
            My cdv 715(high dose gamma ray moniter)
            just stays around 1 mr/hr on the analog dial.
            With the limited time i devote to this,I havent been able to find a good explanation of reading this 715,so Im a little hazy at times on some issues.
            Can anyone add to our understanding on this
            715 ? I put it on x1 and consistiently get 1 R/hr

          • palmsprings says:

            Oh,I think i need to put the selector on 0.1x and not 1.ox.

  8. I’m monitoring and propagating your information all over Facebook. I’m just north of you in San Jose. Thank you so much for making these test results available!


    • You’re welcome Emily!

      I wish we could get some accurate readings from our government agencies. Considering the seriousness of the current situation in Japan, I feel they’re being less than up front with us.


  9. palmsprings says:

    BTW I have a cdv 715 gamma reader in Rads and 2 dosimeters..
    These dont read instant dosage,but cumlative exposure.
    Rads per hour in this case.
    I get from 1 to 2 Rads cum per hr since Fri 18
    Though i live in PalmSprings as my user name states,Im in Yucca Valley for a few weeks. Its abt 20 mi ASCF from PS and at 3400 ft.

  10. [...] Live Radiation Monitoring from West Coast Live Radiation Monitoring from West LA on USTREAM The radiation plume has now made landfall in California. Initial [...] [...]

  11. april says:

    where can we buy one ?

    • I don’t sell anything on this site, but you could try searching for ‘geiger counters’. No doubt they’re in high demand right now. Ebay or Amazon might be a good place to start.


    • palmsprings says:

      I bought my gamma detectors right after 9/11
      They have held up well as far as I can tell.
      Another site w/ info at Stan Deyo (arkmellinium) google stan deyo and it is at the top

      • palmsprings says:

        Woops I mean you can get detectors at
        They have alot of edu material as I recall

  12. Hey Suus says:

    what i want to know is why is this the only live monitor?? kinda seems like this one was put in place to devert some attention eh? i dunno ? do you know ?

    • Hey Sus, that’s a good question. I’m in NorCal and first wanted to post a monitor from the Bay Area or somewhere closer to me. I couldn’t find any. This monitoring station was down for awhile yesterday morning, so I searched around looking for a different site that had a monitor. I could only find my own site or other sites linking to the same monitor. Seems like their should be more than one online.

      Here’s an independent site with a map that has current readings on it. Only problem is the reporting stations are far apart. Radiation Network


      • palmsprings says:

        heres a site that may be useful.
        I only had the time to locate the page. See what you can find as it looks like what we are looking for.

        • palmsprings says:

          I forgot to include this tid bit.
          Remember always ” listen/read your source ,but verify

          All units are in Picocuries per meter cubed.

          - Filter results for Anaheim, Calif. found:
          Cesium-137: 0.0017
          Tellurium-132: 0.012
          Iodine-132: 0.0095
          Iodine-131: 0.046

          - Filter results for Riverside, Calif. found:
          Cesium-137: 0.00024
          Tellurium-132: 0.0014
          Iodine-132: 0.0015
          Iodine-131: 0.011
          - Filter results for Seattle, Wash. found:
          Cesium-137: 0.00045
          Tellurium-132: 0.0034
          Iodine-132: 0.0029
          Iodine-131: 0.013

          - Filter results for San Francisco, Calif. found:
          Cesium-137: 0.0013
          Tellurium-132: 0.0075
          Iodine-132: 0.0066
          Iodine-131: 0.068

          EPA’s RadNet system is designed to protect the public by notifying scientists, in near real time, of elevated levels of radiation so they can determine whether protective action is required. In addition, an analysis of the filters in the monitors can identify even the smallest trace amounts of specific radioactive isotopes.

          As part of the federal government’s continuing effort to make our activities and science transparent and available to the public, EPA will continue to keep RadNet data available at:

  13. Mike says:

    Why is his counter indoors? You will not get correct readings indoors.

    • Not sure Mike. I would think the readings would be a bit different if it were located outdoors. Then again, unless the meter was in a sealed room, I assume particulate matter would make it’s way into the room at some point. I’m no expert, just my opinion.


    • palmsprings says:

      I dont know fursure but this unit may have a remote cable to outside.
      Some do.

  14. Pat says:

    Yes, thank you for posting this. Have cross posted your link on facebook, lots of people have been looking for something like this. :)

  15. Kris says:

    Why are you “off the air” at a most crucial time???

    • Sorry, but it’s not my meter. I’m only providing a link to site. Looking into it at this time.


      • Kris says:

        Thank you for your quick response; thank you for providing this service! I see where the “government” is going to post radiation levels. Yeah, I trust them. NOT.

        • You’re so welcome, Kris!

          Remember, initial readings as the plume moves ashore today will probably be within the ‘normal’ range. Higher radiation levels are supposed to be reach the West coast sometime on Monday, as particulate matter from the 2 plant explosions starts to come ashore.


    • It’s back online Kris.


  16. Jose Suleman says:

    This domain is registered by someone from Herndon, VA., too far away from Santa Monica, CA, and about 27 minuites to CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. It is up to you if you trust this geiger counter.

    • LMAO CIA WTF? says:

      Suleman, need some Haldol? You’re more than a bit paranoid.

    • palmsprings says:

      Va? Hmmm then our local readings in SCal would be higher…no?
      I hear the “gamma” readings are higher on the west coast from Infowars,Prisonplanet and the Jones report podcasts,but I see no increases on my 715,epa’s site or the Va/Santa Monica site.
      Any explanations?

  17. John Force says:

    Is this mounted outside? IMO it should be

  18. Jess says:

    I agree thank you for doing this! I like that you explained it in such simple terms for those of us who would have otherwise not understood the reading.

    I was wondering if this is inside and if that affects the reading in any way from what people are actually being exposed to in the outside environment?

    • You’re welcome, Jess.

      I think this is mounted inside. I imagine that unless you had sealed all your doors, windows, outlets etc. to keep radioactive particles out, the readings would probably be close enough to know if we were reaching dangerous levels.


  19. matt says:

    We need a ton of different people doing this, I will try to buy one and set up myself…but imagine2000 plus doing the same THAT WAY IT HAS A SMALL CHANCE OF “DISINFO” WE CANT TRUST ANYYYYYYYYYBODY but us (U.S.) in these times
    may Jesus Christ have mercy on all of his children.

  20. palmsprings says:

    is the reading reflecting gamma radiation

  21. worried says:

    Thank you so much for doing this

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